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Map Machine: Python renderer for OpenStreetMap with custom icons

Drag & drop in Figma to create a Python GUI with ease.

Pyinfra: Automate Infrastructure Using Python

A Beginner’s Guide to Vector Embeddings
In this article, we’ll examine vector embeddings in depth, including the types of vector embeddings, how neural networks create them, how vector embeddings work, and how you can create embeddings for your data.

Llama-3 agents that can browse the web by following instructions and talking to you.

📖 Articles

Local LLM-as-judge evaluation with lm-buddy, Prometheus and llamafile
This post examines how different software components came together to allow LLM-as-judge evaluation without the need for expensive GPUs. All the components were built with and chosen for their user control, open source nature, and interoperability.

Sleepsort: Sorting while sleeping
The post introduces the "sleepsort" algorithm, a quirky sorting method that utilizes thread sleep times to sort integers in ascending order. It provides a playful yet insightful exploration of the algorithm's functionality and limitations.

TypeIs does what I thought TypeGuard would do in Python
The article discusses the differences between the TypeGuard and TypeIs type annotations in Python. It explains that TypeIs has more intuitive behavior compared to TypeGuard, especially when dealing with union types, and recommends using TypeIs over TypeGuard in most cases.

TMElyralab / MuseV
MuseV: Infinite-length and High Fidelity Virtual Human Video Generation with Visual Conditioned Parallel Denoising

Django: An admin extension to prevent state leaking between requests
Here’s a small protection I added to a project a few years ago. I was considering it again since I saw a similar potential bug in a Django middleware.

How to Build a Crystal Image Search App with Vector Search
A demonstration of how to build an application to store and query data on crystals and precious stones using Astra DB. Built with RAGStack, this web app leverages the CLIP model to provide multi-modal search to retrieve data on all kinds of crystals.

Poor mans autoreload server in single file python on linux
The article describes a simple Python server that provides automatic browser page reload on content change, without requiring any additional setup or configuration. The server acts as a regular file server but also serves WebSocket messages over a specified path to trigger the page reload.

Patching requests for fun and (concurrent) profit
Because life is too short to spam calls to SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations().

Stream your voice clone
We'll turn your voice into an infinitely-scalable instrument with Django.

Asyncio Coroutine Object Methods in Python
We can define coroutine methods on custom Python objects. This allows methods on custom Python objects to use async/await syntax, such as awaiting other coroutines and tasks and allows the custom coroutine methods themselves to be awaited within our asyncio programs. In this tutorial, you will discover how to define object methods as coroutines.

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-05-05

Doriandarko / maestro
A framework for Claude Opus to intelligently orchestrate subagents.

⚙️ Projects

A native PyTorch Library for large model training.

RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) Framework for building modular, open source applications for production by TrueFoundry

A Python tool to enforce a modular, decoupled package architecture.

A file and photo management application and system.

Toolkit is a collection of prebuilt components enabling users to quickly build and deploy RAG applications.

LMDeploy is a toolkit for compressing, deploying, and serving LLMs.

👾 Reddits

Introducing PgQueuer: A Minimalist Python Job Queue Built on PostgreSQL

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