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Open source ngrok alternative designed for teams

Command-line interface. Use this to chat with the model or train the model (training consumes the taxonomy data)

Django from first principles
Many people don't realize you can start a Django project with a single file. This series walks through the process of building a simple but non-trivial project by starting with a single file. The project only expands to additional files when it makes sense to move code out of the main file. By the end of the series, we'll have a project with a structure similar to what's generated by sta...

Python Big O: Time complexities of different data structures in Python

Run Llama 3 locally using Ollama and LlamaEdge
Meta has unveiled Llama3, and now you can run it locally using Ollama. In this video, I explain how to use Ollama to operate various language models, specifically focusing on Llama2 and Llama3. I'll also guide you through the WebUI for the project, demonstrating how to serve models with Ollama and interact with them using Python.

📖 Articles

Llama 3: Get building with LLMs in 5 minutes
Get started building transformative AI-powered features within 5 minutes using Llama 3, Ollama, and Python.

Build your Jupyter dashboard using Solara

Everything Google's Python team were responsible for

Django: Pinpoint upstream changes with Git
In this post, we’ll cover Django’s branching structure, determining and searching through those commits, a worked example, and advanced behavioural searching with git bisect.

Building a Voice Notes App with Django and OpenAI
We'll build a voice notes app that uses OpenAI to perform speech to text. As a bonus, we'll use AlpineJS to manage state on the frontend.

fudan-generative-vision / champ
Champ: Controllable and Consistent Human Image Animation with 3D Parametric Guidance

Data Bonsai: a Python package to clean your data with LLMs

PySheets – Spreadsheet UI for Python

meta-llama / codellama
Inference code for CodeLlama models

Ask HN: Python Metrics Library

Pydantic 2.7 released: the fastest version yet
It finally integrates jiter, a high speed JSON parser

Hashquery, a Python library for defining reusable analysis

jxnl / instructor
structured outputs for llms

Build a Connect Four game with HTMX and Django in 8 minutes
By the end, you'll have built a multiplayer game using HTMX, using neat server-side logic and storing all results in your database. HTMX is a great way to use javascript without writing javascript.

Learn to use Websockets with Django by building your own ChatGPT
Everything you need to know about websockets to use them in your applications, with Django, channels, and HTMX.

I accidentally built a meme search engine
Or: how to learn about clip/siglip and vector encoding images.

PyTorch 2.3
PyTorch 2.3 offers support for user-defined Triton kernels in torch.compile, allowing for users to migrate their own Triton kernels from eager without experiencing performance regressions or graph breaks. Tensor Parallelism improves the experience for training Large Language Models using native PyTorch functions, which has been validated on training runs for 100B parameter models. As wel...

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-04-28

⚙️ Projects

Build, evaluate and observe LLM apps.

A Python framework for defining and querying BI models in your data warehouse.

A collection of notebooks/recipes showcasing some fun and effective ways of using Claude.

This release includes model weights and starting code for pre-trained and instruction tuned Llama 3 language models — including sizes of 8B to 70B parameters.

A library for training deep neural networks by Apple.

Automatic infrastructure for Django.

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