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Running Open Source LLMs In Python - A Practical Guide
Unleashing AI Power on Your Laptop.

Deep Dive Into the Repository Design Pattern in Python
A closer look at the repository design pattern in Python. This is a very useful pattern that allows you to keep your data storage separate from your data operations.

A bird's eye view of Polars
Read how Polars executes your query from planning, optimizing to execution.

Implement Parsers with Pylasu
In this article, we will learn how to implement parsers in Python using Pylasu and ANTLR.

TIL: `yield` inside a `try` followed by `finally` has some interesting behaviour.

๐Ÿ“– Articles

Build a Django AI colorization app
We'll build a simple Django app that uses AI to color black and white photos. I'll also guide you through the easiest method to use webhooks in Django. Webhooks are a neat way of external functions (e.g., AI functions) sending data to your server.

Twitter API Wrapper for Python โ€“ No API Keys Needed

Python HTTP library 'urllib3' now works in the browser

Getting Started With CUDA for Python Programmers
In this tutorial, Jeremy Howard demystifies CUDA programming for NVIDIA GPUs, particularly focusing on its accessibility when combined with PyTorch. The hands-on tutorial, conducted in a Colab notebook, guides viewers through practical examples, starting with simple tasks like converting an RGB image to grayscale, and progressing to more advanced topics like matrix multiplication. The em...

Ten Python datetime pitfalls, and what libraries are (not) doing about it
The article explores various challenges and inconsistencies in the Python datetime library, as well as how different third-party libraries address these issues.

Profiling your Numba code
Learn how to use the Profila profiler to find performance bottlenecks in your Numba code.

Exploring the GPT-4 with Vision API using Images and Videos
All you need to know to understand the GPT-4 with Vision API with examples for processing Images and Videos.

Mix Python and Rust for Production CLIs
The video outlines an effective workflow for combining Python and Rust - use PyO3 to call Python from Rust CLIs, leverage Rust's safety and Python's libraries, add testing to validate logic, automate processes, and deliver binaries to users.

Patching pydantic settings in pytest
The post discusses a Python tutorial on patching Pydantic settings in Pytest. It covers techniques for modifying Pydantic settings during testing scenarios in a Pytest environment, providing practical insights for effective testing and development workflows.

Python-based pinball software framework

facebookresearch / audio2photoreal
Code and dataset for photorealistic Codec Avatars driven from audio

InternLM / InternLM-XComposer
InternLM-XComposer2 is a groundbreaking vision-language large model (VLLM) excelling in free-form text-image composition and comprehension.

InstaPython โ€“ Instant custom Python scripts on-demand

arcee-ai / mergekit
Tools for merging pretrained large language models.

MarkFzp / act-plus-plus
Imitation learning algorithms with Co-training for Mobile ALOHA: ACT, Diffusion Policy, VINN

bclavie / RAGatouille

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-02-04

joaomdmoura / crewAI-examples

โš™๏ธ Projects

FastCRUD is a Python package for FastAPI, offering robust async CRUD operations and flexible endpoint creation utilities.

A lightweight, minimalistic, and synchronous Python package for quickly sending emails via Gmail.

An innovative autonomous agent designed to create personalized newspapers tailored to user preferences. GPT Newspaper revolutionizes the way we consume news by leveraging the power of AI to curate, write, design, and edit content based on individual tastes and interests.

Emerging Architectures for LLM Applications.

fabric is an open-source framework for augmenting humans using AI.

16-bit CPU for Excel, and related files.

Video Search and Streaming Agent.

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