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Method chaining in Pandas
What is method chaining in Pandas? How does it work, and how can you use it?

Simple Google Sign-in with Django
We'll add Google sign-in to Django in the simplest possible way (No Django-all-auth or Django-social-auth or any other big packages).

FastAPI and HTMX, the right way.

Ultimate voice cloning tool, meticulously optimized for unrivaled power, modularity, and user-friendly experience.
The article introduces a small, pure, functional, content-addressable, network-first programming language designed to create small, shareable programs. It discusses the language's features and its implementation, highlighting its purpose and the collaborative effort behind its development. The article provides insights into the motivation and design principles of Scrapscript, as well as ...

📖 Articles

Real Case usage of Python Metaclasses
Three examples applying Python Metaclasses

The Scary Thing About Automating Deploys
The article from Slack Engineering discusses the fear of breaking production that holds many teams back from automating their deployments. It emphasizes the importance of understanding how deployment monitoring differs from normal monitoring and the iterative approach taken to ease these fears, ultimately leading to successful automated deployments. The article provides insights into the...

Ollama releases Python and JavaScript Libraries

Building a priority-expiry LRU cache without heaps or trees in Python
Learn how to implement a least recently used cache with priorities and expiry, using only the Python standard library.

Python Data Analysis and Visualization Course – Astronomical Data
Learn data analysis, data visualizations, and image processing techniques using real-world astronomical data. The course offers a practical, hands-on approach to simplifying complex concepts in data analysis, making it great for beginners.

NVIDIA / GenerativeAIExamples
Generative AI reference workflows optimized for accelerated infrastructure and microservice architecture.

Python types have an expectations problem

Performance of Vector Databases
The talk explores the role of vector databases in enhancing AI applications like Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), focusing on high-dimensional embeddings crucial for machine learning. Egor Romanov delves into creating a Postgres provider integrated with pgvector, utilizing a Python performance evaluation framework to simulate similarity search tests and unveil latent performance pot...

Python packaging must be getting better - a datapoint
I “pip install”ed my app on Windows and everything just worked. Something is going right.

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-01-28

Codemodder – A new codemod library for Java and Python

hummingbot / hummingbot
Open source software that helps you create and deploy high-frequency crypto trading bots

⚙️ Projects

Wafer is a simple but effective web application firewall (WAF) fuzzing tool.

Zero-shot Identity-Preserving Generation in Seconds.

A Python package for aggregating historical data from popular and free financial APIs, and for transforming that data into features for AI/ML.

Master Python typing (type hints) with interactive online exercises!

Outgoing Django webhooks triggered on model changes.

The open source platform for AI-native application development.

SGLang is a structured generation language designed for large language models (LLMs). It makes your interaction with LLMs faster and more controllable.

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The Cowboy Coder's Handbook: Unlocking the Secrets to Job Security by Writing Code Only You Can Understand!

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