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A library for audio and music analysis, feature extraction.

Open-source music player for local audio files, built with both visual coolness and functionality in mind.

EP 684: A Per-Interpreter GIL Accepted

Aura – Python source code auditing and static analysis on a large scale

The EU proposed CRA law may have unintended consequence for the Python ecosystem

📖 Articles

Running Python micro-benchmarks using the ChatGPT Code Interpreter alpha

Joblib: Running Python functions as pipeline jobs

Show HN: IPython-GPT, a Jupyter/IPython Interface to Chat GPT

Accessing MS Access databases from Python and Django
Have you ever needed to use data from a Microsoft Access database on a Django project? If so, you ...

An Intro to Textual – Creating Text User Interfaces with Python
Textual is a Python package used to create cross-platform Text User Interfaces (TUI). This may ...

PySpark and Parquet: Elegant Python DataFrames and SQL
PySpark has excellent support for querying ...

The Tech Stack of a One-Man SaaS
In this post I'll describe the tools and services I use to run my SaaS business. From programming ...

Django: How to profile and improve startup time
Your Django project’s startup time impacts how smooth it is to work with. Django has to restart ...

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Google announces the list of 574 Python packages in its new "Assured Open Source Software" service

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