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Reactive user interfaces with pure Python.

Using "any" and "all" in Python
Python's any and all functions are very helpful, but often overlooked. You can combine any and all with generator expressions to check whether all (or any) items within a list match a specific condition.

Comparing List Comprehensions vs. Built-In Functions in Python: Which Is Better?
An in-depth analysis of syntax, readability, and performance.

An experimental open-source attempt to make GPT-4 fully autonomous.

Making Python 100x faster with less than 100 lines of Rust

📖 Articles

zauberzeug / nicegui
Create web-based interfaces with Python. The nice way.

Django 4.2 released
Django 4.2 is designated as a long-term support release. It will receive security updates for at least three years after its release. Support for the previous LTS, Django 3.2, will end in April 2024.

Improve your Django Code with pre-commit

A Gentle Introduction to the Python Match Statement
Learn about how structural pattern matching works in Python and how it can help you write cleaner, more maintainable, and more understandable code.

Fun with Vector Databases
A post about using Python and FastAPI with vector databases and semantic search.

Speeding up text processing in Python (is hard)
How do you speed up Python string parsing and formatting? We’ll consider Cython, mypyc, Rust, and PyPy.

Reduce - The Power of a Single Python Function

Python Monorepo: an Example. Part 1: Structure and Tooling
In this post, we describe a design for a Python monorepo: how we structure it; which tools we favor; alternatives that were considered; and some possible improvements.

Show HN: Quadratic – Open-Source Spreadsheet with Python, AI (WASM and WebGL)

Hello Dolly: Democratizing the magic of ChatGPT with open models
Introducing Dolly, a breakthrough in LLM from Databricks. Learn how Databricks open sourced the model and all its training code, enabling organizations to re-create Dolly at a minimal cost.

Django: Avoid database queries in template context processors

Limiting concurrency in Python asyncio – the story of async imap_unordered()

The different uses of Python type hints

The ultimate guide to Pandas’ read_csv() function
Here I unravel the mysteries behind the omnipotent and overwhelmingly complicated read_csv() function, including new features added in Pandas 2.0.

How to Create and Use Virtual Environments in Python With Poetry
It can be tricky when different packages in Python don't play nice. The solution to this problem is to create an isolated, virtual environment. In this video, I’ll show you how to set up a virtual environment with poetry, a package manager for Python that simplifies dependency management and project packaging.

karfly / chatgpt_telegram_bot

Raw SQL, SQL Query Builder, or ORM?
Not sure if you should use Raw SQL, a SQL query builder, or an ORM for your next project? This video explores the pros and cons of each option, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your specific needs. Choosing the wrong technology for your project can be a costly mistake, so it's crucial to understand these tools.

⚙️ Projects

Vocode is an open source library that makes it easy to build voice-based LLM apps.

Distributed task queue with full async support.

An LLM playground you can run on your laptop.

Python package containing root-finding methods written in Cython.

The ChatGPT Retrieval Plugin lets you easily search and find personal or work documents by asking questions in everyday language.

An open-source framework for training large multimodal models.

A batteries-included library for building AI-powered software.

An open platform for training, serving, and evaluating large language model based chatbots.

Python Streaming Video Analytics Framework With Batteries Included.

A command line utility to help you organise and quickly run frequently used commands.

Common pitfalls of GitHub Actions

A powerful and beautiful CLI scheduler.

Experimental library for scraping websites using OpenAI's GPT API.

Text2Room generates textured 3D meshes from a given text prompt using 2D text-to-image models.

Speed up Stable Diffusion with this one simple trick!

The Developer Experience Upgrade for Python Mocking.

Using Unpoly with Django
The article provides a tutorial on using Unpoly, a JavaScript library for seamless and fast dynamic web applications, with Django. It covers how to install and configure Unpoly, integrate it with Django views and templates, and use its various features, such as remote forms, partial page updates, and navigation.

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Why didn't Python become popular until long after its creation?

Comprehensive Reddit Saved Posts Downloader - retrieves almost all content ever saved

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