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End-to-End Tutorial on Combining AWS Lambda, Docker, and Python

Web Scraping LinkedIn Jobs using Python
In this tutorial, we will extract data from Linkedin, and since it does not provide any open API for us to access this data then are only choice is to scrape it. We are going to use Python 3.x.

microsoft / BioGPT

Why Python keeps growing, explained

pandas 2.0 and the Arrow revolution (part I)

📖 Articles

Testing multiple Python versions with nox and pyenv

lucidrains / audiolm-pytorch
Implementation of AudioLM, a SOTA Language Modeling Approach to Audio Generation out of Google Research, in Pytorch

Einsum Visualized
A Swiss army knife of the array operations.

Using pyproject.toml in your (Django) project

AlphaZero from Scratch
In this machine learning course, you will learn how to build AlphaZero from scratch. AlphaZero is a game-playing algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to learn how to play board games at a superhuman level.

How to migrate from Django’s PostgreSQL CI Fields to use a case-insensitive collation
If you upgrade to Django 4.2, you may see system check warnings fields.W906. In this post we’ll cover why this has changed, and how to perform the necessary migration. You can actually migrate from Django 3.2, and may want to, because the alternative uses more accurate and flexible Unicode rules.

⚙️ Projects

Open source customer notifications in less than 5 minutes.

A fast static code analyzer & language server for Python.

A gradio web UI for running Large Language Models like GPT-J 6B, OPT, GALACTICA, GPT-Neo, and Pygmalion.

Declarative layer for your database.

👾 Reddits

I just published my new book "A Hands-On Introduction to Essential Python Libraries and Frameworks (With Code Samples)"

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