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Spent Months Writing A Web Dev Course For A Platform, But It Got Canceled Midway. Publishing It Free For The Community.

Fly through Jupyter with keyboard shortcuts
Learn the 25 most useful keyboard shortcuts for Jupyter Notebook or Lab (including hidden gems) so that you can speed up your workflow!

Python’s multiprocessing performance problem
While multiprocessing allows Python to scale to multiple CPUs, it has some performance overhead compared to threading.

Deploy your docker-compose applications with ease and manage your infrastructure as code!

Python is two languages now, and that's great

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Intro to TDD with Python and the FizzBuzz Code Kata

My Own Python Web Framework

MoonInTheRiver / DiffSinger
DiffSinger: Singing Voice Synthesis via Shallow Diffusion Mechanism (SVS & TTS); AAAI 2022; Official code

Show HN: QuestDB with Python, Pandas and SQL in a Jupyter notebook – no install

ultrafunkamsterdam / undetected-chromedriver
Custom Selenium Chromedriver | Zero-Config | Passes ALL bot mitigation systems (like Distil / Imperva/ Datadadome / CloudFlare IUAM)

Why Aren't Programming Language Specifications Comprehensive?

Show HN: Replbuilder, quickly build a Python REPL CLI prompt

yaml: while constructing a mapping found unhashable key
In this post you'll find out what "while constructing a mapping found unhashable key" PyYAML errors mean, why they happen, and what you can do about it.

Using ChatGPT to control Hue Lights

bellingcat / octosuite
Advanced Github OSINT Framework

Attrs, Pydantic, or Python Data Classes: Which One Is The Best?
Data classes are a valuable tool in the Python programmer's toolkit. Despite their usefulness (I do like them a lot!), they do have limitations. In this video, I compare dataclasses with two alternative options, attrs and Pydantic, to help you decide which one to use in your code.

devdata - Improving developer velocity and experience
Developers are the largest expense with software. Improving their productivity doesn't just make sense to the company's bottom line, but it improves morale as they no longer have to wade through a bunch of crap to get started on the job at hand. This data generation technique helps improve your developer experience and testing.

Web Development with Python Tutorial – Flask & Dynamic Database-Driven Web Apps
Learn how to develop Dynamic Database-Driven Web Apps with Python, Flask, and MySQL. This course is broken up into two parts. In part one, you will learn how to build and deploy a site using the Flask Python web framework. In part two, you will connect the Flask application from the first part to a cloud MySQL database and learn how to deploy a production-ready database-driven web application.

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The impossibly small web framework for Python and MicroPython.

A curated list of Polars talks, tools, examples & articles.

Running large language models like OPT-175B/GPT-3 on a single GPU. Focusing on high-throughput large-batch generation.

Styling matplotlib made easy.

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