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openai / openai-python

Pynecone: Web Apps in Pure Python

Natural Language Processing Demystified
A free, comprehensive course to turn you into an NLP expert.

Codon: A high-performance Python compiler using LLVM

Introducing PyTorch 2.0
In this post, you will find all the information you need to better understand what PyTorch 2.0 is, where it’s going and more importantly how to get started today (e.g., tutorial, requirements, models, common FAQs).

📖 Articles

A crash course in Python “comprehensions” and “generators”

Ready-to-go sample data pipelines with Dataflow
This post is for all data practitioners, who are interested in learning about bootstrapping, standardization and automation of batch data pipelines at Netflix.

Learn Python GUI Development for Desktop
Learn how to use Qt for Python using PySide6 to build cross platform desktop apps for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Vector Animations with Python

Show HN: Panoptisch – A recursive dependency scanner for Python projects

Jupyter Server 2.0
Jupyter Server provides the core web server that powers JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook. This release brings many new features and lays groundwork for a more multi-user, (real-time) collaborative Jupyter experience.

Django bugfix release: 4.1.4
Django 4.1.4 fixes several bugs in 4.1.3.

Finding divisors of a number with Python (2019)

The cloudy layers of modern-day programming
Is what we do development anymore?

Roboflow 100: A New Object Detection Benchmark
Advancing the state-of-the-art in object recognition with a new way to benchmark computer vision models across domains and task targets.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Functions
Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of code by different people, and my conclusion is that writing great, well-designed functions is difficult. So, I made this guide, which includes the 7 most important things you should do when writing functions.

⚙️ Projects

Open Source repository management for deb, rpm, and generic packages.

A standard API for reinforcement learning and a diverse set of reference environments.

FAQtory is a tool to auto-generate a (Frequently Asked Questions) document for your project.

Level up your GitHub profile readme with customizable cards including LOC statistics!

This is the implementation for the paper DreamShard: Generalizable Embedding Table Placement for Recommender Systems. We propose DreamShard, a reinforcement learning approach for embedding table placement.

👾 Reddits

What is your favorite ,most underrated 3rd party python module that made your programming 10 times more easier and less code ? so we can also try that out :-) .as a beginner , mine is pyinputplus

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