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The Essential Django Deployment Guide
Everything you need to know to get your Django app into production.

Build Web APIs with Python
Django REST Framework is a powerful and flexible toolkit for building Web APIs. In this course for beginner you will learn how to use Python and the Django REST Framework (DRF) to build a web API.

Python and the Future of Programming
Lex Fridman's conversation with Guido van Rossum about Python and the future of programming.

Pydantic 2 rewritten in Rust was merged

A simple example of Python OOP development (with TDD) - Part 1
If you are eager to learn some Python and do not know how to start, this post may give you some ...

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Graphs with Python: Overview and Best Libraries
Graph analysis, interactive visualizations, and graph machine learningContinue reading on Towards ...

A simple example of Python OOP development (with TDD) - Part 2
In first part of this small series I introduced you to TDD with Python by means of the powerful ...

idanya / algo-trader
Trading bot with support for realtime trading, backtesting, custom strategies and much more.

How to Easily Get Football Data with a Python Package (Without Web Scraping)
Get data about the World Cup, Champions League, La Liga, and more in a couple of minutesContinue ...

Test factory functions in Django
When writing tests for Django projects, you typically need to create quite a lot of instances of database model objects. This page documents the patterns I recommend, and the ones I don’t.

Reviving an Analog Polysynth with an Arduino, Ghidra, and Python

karosis88 / aioreq
Aioreq is a simple asynchronous HTTP request library that can be useful when you need to make a series of requests quickly, such as when you need to generate a large number of requests per second to bring down websites.

Make a Mastodon Bot on AWS Free Tier

Database optimisation, analytics and burnout
There's always another millisecond to shave off the execution time, but how long are you going to spend doing it?

How to Automatically Transcribe a Notion MP3 File

How To Reduce Coupling With Facade
The Facade design pattern is a great choice if you want to connect with a complex system via a simplified interface. In this tutorial, I show you how to apply the pattern to your own code and discuss some of the limitations of the pattern.

Getting Started with Mastodon API in Python
With what's happening in Twitter, many people are considering moving to Mastodon. Like Twitter, Mastodon also has an API that can be used to create many useful application, bots, to analyze data, respond to notification or simply post some statuses. In this article we will explore all the things Mastodon API can do and how you can use it to build applications with Python.

Scrape Twitter with 5 Lines of Code
This video shows how you can scrape twitter data using the python library snscrape to easily pull millions of historic tweets and save them off on your computer. Use this to create data for analysis or just archive off your tweets quick and easy.

⚙️ Projects
Bringing WebSockets, Http/Https High Peformance servers for PyPy3 and Python3

Lumi is an nano framework to convert your python functions into a REST API without any extra headache.

Aura Notes is a Windows based notepad app built with Tkinter and Python. It offers a modern look with menu look and it is completely open source with no ads or trackers. It also packs some advanced features, to know more, check README

A DIY incident light meter.

On-Device Training Under 256KB Memory.

Social reading and reviewing, decentralized with ActivityPub.

TorchScale is a PyTorch library that allows researchers and developers to scale up Transformers efficiently and effectively. It has the implementation of fundamental research to improve modeling generality and capability as well as training stability and efficiency of scaling Transformers.

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Making €6,147,455 Overnight in in-game currency using Computer Vision

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