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Cython for absolute beginners: 30x faster code in two simple steps
Easy Python code compilation for blazingly fast applicationsContinue reading on Towards Data ...

Parallelization with MultiProcessing in Python
Run your data science tasks in parallel to speed up computation timeContinue reading on Towards ...

Shapash – Python library to make machine learning interpretable

MoreThanSentiments: A Python Library for Text Quantification
A collection of functions that help researchers calculate Boilerplate, Redundancy, Specificity, ...

Memory Management in Python - Part 2: Equality
When are two Python objects the same? What does that even mean?

📖 Articles

compatlib or: what not to do in Python

Show HN: Meadowrun automates the tedious details of running Python on AWS/Azure

Lightning-AI / lightning
Build high-performance AI models with PyTorch Lightning (organized PyTorch). Deploy models with Lightning Apps (organized Python to build end-to-end ML systems).

The Annotated Transformer
The Transformer has been on a lot of people’s minds over the last five years. This post presents an annotated version of the paper in the form of a line-by-line implementation.

Ask HN: How is Python's OOP is superior vs. Lisp CLOS?

Show HN: Control your Hyundai car with Python

lxgr-linux / pokete
A terminal based Pokemon like game

chainfeeds / RSSAggregatorforWeb3
Bootstrapping your personal Web3 info hub from more than 500 RSS Feeds.

Design Patterns in Machine Learning Code and Systems
Design patterns are not just a way to structure code. They also communicate the problem addressed and how the code or component is intended to be used. Here are some patterns I’ve observed in machine learning code and systems.

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