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How to create a dashboard in Python with Jupyter Notebook

Run Selenium with Python via Github Actions using Headless or Non-Headless browsers!

Python 3.10.5 is available
The latest bugfix drop for Python 3.10 is here: Python 3.10.5. This release packs more than 230 bugfixes and docs changes.

An Intro to the contextlib Module in Python
Learn how to create different types of context managers using Python's contextlib module!

Code Your Own Heroku Clone with Python
Learn all about how to provision infrastructure programmatically by building a simplified Heroku clone with Python. At the end you will also learn how to provision a web app on AWS using JavaScript.

📖 Articles

I Forked “Asyncpg” — And It Parses Database Records to Numpy 20x Faster
Presenting the fork of asyncpg — asynchronous PostgreSQL client for Python — based on NumPy structured arrays.

Django: How to send email without Celery
Lightweight emails without Celery. And without a request-response cycle.

Run Your Python App Anywhere With Dynamic Settings
Parameterize your application with a config file and read using ConfigParserContinue reading on ...

Image Color Extraction with Python in 4 Steps
Creating your own and unique list of colorsPhoto by Robert Katzki on UnsplashWhy are the colors ...

An Intro to Python Web Frameworks (Video)
Learn about some of the many Python web frameworks that are available to you in this video. Web ...

Crash course in Web3 Application Development with Python
Learn how to send your first transaction on the Ethereum blockchain using Python and the Web3 package

Packaging Python Applications with PyInstaller, with step by step examples for PyQt, Tkinter, PySimpleGUI, wxPython & Kivy

Raising exceptions or returning error objects in Python
How returning error objects can provide some advantages over raising exceptions in Python, such as for static type checking tools.

From Python to NumPy (2017)

Serving machine learning models with FastAPI: It’s not all about speed
Deploying models is a tricky topic. In this posts, we describe 4 key reasons why we've chosen FastAPI to deploy out Machine Learning models.

Getting Started with ESPnet
ESPnet is the premier end-to-end, open-source speech processing toolkit. This easy-to-follow guide will help you get started using ESPnet for Speech Recognition.

Handling Concurrency Without Locks
Concurrency is not very intuitive. You need to train your brain to consider what happens when ...

No-op statements syntactically valid only since Python X.Y

Dates And Times And Types
Get a TypeError when using a datetime when you wanted a date.

Build dashboard in Python with automatic updates and email notifications
Do you need to monitor data from multiple sources and act based on their values? If you answered yes, then it means that you need a dashboard. This post will show you how to create a dashboard in Python. It will automatically update the values in the dashboard and send email notifications based on monitored values. The dashboard will be deployed to the Amazon AWS cloud service.

Create custom Datasets from Wikipedia with Python and Pandas
In this video we will learn how to create custom datasets from wikipedia using python and pandas. Rob Mulla, kaggle grandmaster, will walk through using pandas read_html function. It makes reading tables from html and websites really easy. With a little cleaning you can have a great unique dataset in just minutes!

⚙️ Projects

Examples and guides for using the OpenAI API.

A lightweight yet powerful audio-to-MIDI converter with pitch bend detection.

Python authorization library.

A Python library to use infix notation in Python.

Modern TUI calendar and task manager with minimal and customizable UI.

Compiling Black with mypyc, Pt. 1 - Initial Steps
I spent a COVID summer (and then some) integrating mypyc into Black to double performance. How was it?

Brainf**k IDE using python, bundled with it's own compiler.

This module provides the editabletuple() function for creating classes with a fixed sequence of fields, similar to a namedtuple, except editable.

dot (aka Deepfake Offensive Toolkit) makes real-time, controllable deepfakes ready for virtual cameras injection. dot is created for performing penetration testing against e.g. identity verification and video conferencing systems, for the use by security analysts, Red Team members, and biometrics researchers.

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