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macOS 12.3 finally deletes its own Python 2, which even die-hard Python fans applaud

Network and Interconnection in Python Maps
A hands-on tutorial using Python packages including geopandas, networkx, and matplotlib BasemapData ...

Python in Visual Studio Code – March 2022 Release

Manim – Python library for creating mathematical animations

Python Range: Explained With Many Examples
A range is most often used in Python for loops. This article explains how to use ranges and how they work, using lots of code examples.

📖 Articles

Tutorial: Lambda Functions in Python
In this tutorial, we will define lambda functions in Python and explore the advantages and limitations of employing them.

Python SpeedSheet
Find what you need, faster. Get answers to your Python questions fast.

Ultimate CI Pipeline for All of Your Python Projects
Everything you ever wanted for your Python project’s continuous integration pipeline — up and running in matter of minutes

Ryven – Flow-based visual scripting for Python

Strype, a Python frame-based editor

Show HN: Miniboss, versatile local container management with Python

Best DDoS Attack Script Python3, Cyber Attack With 50 Methods

Python 3 Types in the Wild

Sr. Backend Engineer (Flights Optimization & Algorithms)
Portside is developing a solution for optimizing aircraft routes and crew schedules for business aviation. Python 3.9, FastAPI, DDD, Algorithms, complexity, basic discrete mathematics are a must.

⚙️ Projects

A FastApi CRUD router generator for SQLALchemy.

Modify Iterables While Iterating in Python

A Python library to analyze molecular dynamics simulations.

TRACARDI is an API-first solution, low-code / no-code platform aimed at any e-commerce business that wants to start using user data for marketing purposes.

Optimizing Protein Structure Prediction Model Training and Inference on GPU Clusters.

Private, Secure Computer Backups.

Automated website screenshots using GitHub Actions.

Implicit Clothed humans Obtained from Normals.

👾 Reddits

Python core developer surrounded by tanks

A Gentle Introduction to Testing with pytest

Quick and impressive Python app: Auto-Tweet Your Words using Speech Recognition in Python

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