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commaai / openpilot
openpilot is an open source driver assistance system. openpilot performs the functions of Automated Lane Centering and Adaptive Cruise Control for over 150 supported car makes and models.

Family of key Python contributor Storchaka has left Ukraine safely with community help

How to make a Cool Smoke effect using Pygame

arc298 / instagram-scraper
Scrapes an instagram user's photos and videos

Make posters from Markdown files.

📖 Articles

A Better Structlog Processor for Python for CloudWatch Logs Using AWS Lambda

Refactoring a Python Codebase with LibCST

Object Localization using PyTorch, Part 1
In part one of this series on object localization with pytorch, you will learn the theory behind object localization, and learn how to set up the dataset for the task.

CPython, C standards, and IEEE 754

A Gentle Introduction to Serialization for Python
In this post, you will discover how to use two common serialization libraries in Python to serialize data objects (namely pickle and HDF5) such as dictionaries and Tensorflow models in Python for storage and transmission

Build a User-Friendly CLI from Pure Python Functions
DynaCLI (Dynamic CLI) is a cloud-friendly, open source library for converting pure Python functions into Linux Shell commands. This article explains how DynaCLI makes writing Command Line Interfaces in Python easy and efficient, using as an example a function to generate a QR code that records a person’s vaccination status.

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Deep dive into Python enumerate

Simple code to unlock all read-only PDFs in current folder without the password

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