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kivy / kivy
Open source UI framework written in Python, running on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS

Guido van Rossum - Python 4.0 will never arrive🤚😔: "Thеrе will probably nеvеr bе a 4.0 and wе’ll continuе until 3.33, at lеast." - Sabrina Carpenter [Medium] Then, evidently, we will get a Python 'Pi'

FastAPI Microservice Patterns: GraphQL API
The go-to backend/frontend integration API.

Is your Python code vulnerable to log injection?

Finally a proper email sender

📖 Articles

Build an NFT rarity tool with Django
Learn how to build an NFT rarity tool. The project we will build will use Django, celery for asynchronous tasks, and to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

How to Make an Immutable Dict in Python

We're two middle school teachers learning and teaching Python [audio]

Python ParamSpec guide

Game Boy Emulator: Writing the Z80 Disassembler
Let’s continue where we left off in the introduction to Game Boy Emulation with a deep dive into the Game Boy’s opcodes and operands – the language of the Z80 CPU – and how to make sense of it all.

Django security releases issued: 4.0.1, 3.2.11, and 2.2.26

Python Type Hints – How to Handle Optional Imports

Analyzing Seated's restaurants by reversing their API
Seated is an app that offers a certain (sizable) percentage off your bill for certain restaurants in your area. This post shows you how to grab all their restaurants and visualize the stats on them.

5% of 666 Python repos had comma typo bugs (inc V8, TensorFlow and PyTorch)

Profiling and Analyzing Performance of Python Programs
In this article, we will look at the tools and techniques that can help us narrow down our focus and find bottlenecks both for CPU and memory consumption, as well as how to implement easy (almost zero-effort) solutions to performance issues in cases where even well-targeted code changes won't help anymore.

Extracting information from Python source code
What library symbols does a Python source code file use? And what symbols does it provide to its users? A simple tool called invectio can provide this information based on static source code analysis. This small tool can extract information about imports as well as information about what users can import from Python modules.

⚙️ Projects

A simple yet powerful TUI framework for your Python (3.7+) applications.

A widget and async-centric terminal graphics library.

Mathematical operations for JAX pytrees.

A modern code-injection framework for Python. Like Pyrasite but Kubernetes-aware.

Asyncer, async and await, focused on developer experience.

Multi-Task Multitrack Music Transcription.

Find mistakes in your __slots__ definitions.

👾 Reddits

EMOJILANG: A programming language where you can code using emojis🗿

NASA Scientists use Jupyter to visualize the atmosphere of planets

Ever heard of Black? This is the opposite. A tool to turn your clean python code into a hideous (working) mess.

A strongly typed dialect of Python is coming. I would like to humbly suggest a name for it.

What part-time job can I get that I can automate with python? (Serious)

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