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Python Virtual Environments tutorial using Virtualenv and Poetry
A mini-guided tutorial showing how to use virtual environment and why it's matters on virtualenv and poetry illustrated examples.

10 Of My Favorite Python Decorators
An overview of even more of the best decorators in the Python programming language.Continue reading ...

It's time to stop using Python 3.6
Upgrading to new software versions is work, and work that doesn’t benefit your software’s ...

Mining Financial Stock News Using SpaCy Matcher
By the end of this article, you will be able to write an information extraction NLP pipeline using spaCy’s Matcher. It will extract dividend information from news headlines and articles.

How To Easily Do Asynchronous Programming With Asyncio In Python
Learn about asynchronous programming in this tutorial where I explain the basics of async and await in Python and show you how you can run programs in parallel.

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5 Advanced Tips on Python Functions
Notes from Fluent Python by Luciano Ramalho (Chapter 5–6)Did you learn to code in Java, then moved ...

Ask HN: Good Python projects to read for modern Python?

Django Developers Survey 2021 Results
We are excited to share the results of the annual Django Developers Survey which was conducted this ...

How to make word vectors from scratch
Word vectors are representations of words into numbers. Once words are in this form, it becomes ...

Gem: exploding string alternatives
Here’s a Python gem: a small bit of Python that uses the power of the language and standard ...

Function Pointer Cast Handling in Pyodide
Why previous versions of Pyodide had a low recursion limit and how the upcoming version 0.19 supports a much higher one.

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A self-hosted streaming platform with Discord authentication, auto-recording and more!

Dataklasses is a library that allows you to quickly define data classes using Python type hints.

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Why is Python so used in the machine learning?

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