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Web Development with Python and Vue.js Components
This post describes how we utilize Vue.js to enhance our web applications.

Traffic Simulation in Python

Best practices for containerizing Python applications with Docker
This post describes 6 best practices when containerizing Python applications with Docker.

Using JavaScript-style async promises in Python
When you compare Python and JavaScript async code, you may think they are very much alike, since ...

How to Perform Real-Time Speech Recognition with Python
Performing real-time Speech-to-Text using AssemblyAI API in PythonContinue reading on Towards Data ...

๐Ÿ“– Articles

Data Analysis with Python for Excel Users

Functional Programming in Python
In this presentation and live demo, we explore the benefits of functional programming, and how Python makes it easy.

BFree โ€“ a battery-free prototyping platform with CircuitPython for Adafruit

Beartype: Unbearably fast runtime type checking in Python

Show HN: Run Python, Ruby, Node.js, C++, Lua in the Browser via x86 to WASM JIT

Replicating Minecraft World Generation in Python
Using Voronoi diagrams and a lot of Perlin/Simplex noise.

Static Duck Typing in Python with Protocols

Minimax algorithm and alpha-beta pruning
This article will teach you about the minimax algorithm and alpha-beta pruning, from a beginner's perspective.

CPython's main branch running in the browser with WebAssembly

Ask HN: How best to prepare for Python interviews starting in 3 months?

The rst2pdf tool creates PDF documents from your ReStructured Text markup.

DevOps in academic research
Some things I learned supporting infectious disease epidemiologists.

7 key components of observability in Python
Learn why observability is important for Python and how to implement it into your software development lifecycle.

Calling Rust from Python using PyO3
This post gives you a short introduction to PyO3 and then discusses several example functions, written in Rust and called from Python.

A deep learning library for video understanding research.

Calling Rust from Python using PyO3

Customize Python dependency resolution with machine learning

ThreadPoolExecutor vs. ProcessPoolExecutor in Python
You can use ThreadPoolExecutor for IO-bound tasks and ProcessPoolExecutor for CPU-bound tasks. In this tutorial, you will discover the difference between the ThreadPoolExecutor and ProcessPoolExecutor and when to use each in your Python projects.

Python Malware Imitates Signed PyPI Traffic in Novel Exfiltration Technique
In this post, we will share details about 11 new malware packages that weโ€™ve recently discovered and disclosed to the PyPI maintainers (who promptly removed them). Based on our latest findings, in this post we highlight some of the more advanced techniques used by Python malware developers to avoid detection and remain in the repository in order to infect as many machines as possible.

The fastest way to share your notebooks - announcing
As the goal is to have the fastest way to upload your notebook and share it with someone, there is no signup or user accounts necessary. Just upload your notebook, get the link, and share it however you want.

โš™๏ธ Projects

Create a centralized Authentication and Authorization token server. Easily secure FastAPI endpoints based on Users, Groups, Roles or Permissions to minimize database access requirements of Auth.

A library to build Graph Neural Networks on the TensorFlow platform.

A natural language processing pipeline for books.

๐Ÿ‘พ Reddits

What are some examples of good code vs bad code in a professional setting?

What does the "f" stand for in an f string? Why not some other letter?

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