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Advanced Visual Studio Code for Python Developers
During this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can configure, extend, and optimize VS Code for a more effective and productive Python development environment.

Django, FastAPI, Full Stack Roles & Python Programming

16 Reasons to Use VS Code for Developing Jupyter Notebooks
VS Code has many features that make it a useful platform for Jupyter Notebook development.

Game Hacking with Python and cheat engine
This post shows you how to hack games by editing the memory with a cheat engine and we will also write a program in python that will automatically edit the memory and do the hack for us.

Building Python Microservices with Apache Kafka: All Gain, No Pain
Image by mrjo_7 from freepikEngineers often use Apache Kafka in their everyday work. The major ...

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Infrastructure as Code

5 Advanced Tips on Python Dicts and Sets
Notes from Fluent Python by Luciano Ramalho (Chapter 3)Photo by NASA on Unsplash“Any running Python ...

How to connect Python to a local SQL Server
1 Introduction 2 Import the Libraries and Preparations 3 Connection to the DB 4 Exploration of the ...

Python: Please stop screwing over Linux distros

Show HN: prometeo – a Python-to-C transpiler for high-performance computing

Automated Notifications
1 Introduction 2 Import the Libraries and the Data 3 Data Pre-Processing 3.1 Encoding of the ...

A Better Approach to Text Summarization
Step by step guide with full implementation in PythonContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

Footsiefat / zspotify
A Spotify downloader needing only a python interpreter and ffmpeg.

Building A Tennis Match Simulator in Python
Photo by Moises Alex on UnsplashModelling a Game of TennisUsing Python to verify the math behind ...

Python – Writing large ZIP archives without memory inflation

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Dialect of Python with explicit variable declaration and block scoping, with a lightweight and easy-to-embed bytecode compiler and interpreter.

Automatically remove the mosaics in images and videos, or add mosaics to them.

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I made a Tic-Tac-Toe game with 3642 lines of code and I'm sorry.

Replicating Minecraft World Generation in Python

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