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microsoft / muzic
Muzic: Music Understanding and Generation with Artificial Intelligence

How to create an Ethereum Token with Python (ERC20)
In this tutorial, we will create an Ethereum token on the Polygon Network from scratch. To create our token we will use Python and Python-like programming languages.

Intro to Data Structures
Optimize your code and demolish FAANG interviewsContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

httpie / httpie
As easy as /aitch-tee-tee-pie/ ๐Ÿฅง Modern, user-friendly command-line HTTP client for the API era. JSON support, colors, sessions, downloads, plugins & more.

Analyzing commonly used slang words on TikTok using Twitter
How can we use Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modeling on Python & Tableau to discover the ...

๐Ÿ“– Articles

online-ml / river
๐ŸŒŠ Online machine learning in Python

Decoding Ethereum smart contract data
Hands on with Crypto data — part 1Continue reading on Towards Data Science ...

Getting Started with Data Collection using Twitter API v2 in less than an hour
Getting Started with Data Collection Using Twitter API v2 in Less than an HourAn introduction to a ...

Convert macros to functions in the Python C API

Python API Development

Bayesian Statistics 101
Love it or hate it, you will never look at statistics the same way againContinue reading on Towards ...

Storing data on a cassette using Arduino and Python (Diff. Manchester encoding)

Secure Password Handling in Python

Using Machine Learning to Denoise Images for Better OCR Accuracy
One of the most challenging aspects of applying optical character recognition (OCR) isn’t the ...

Automatic Update of Django Models from a Google Spreadsheet
A ready-to-run tutorial in Python on how to create and update Django models directly from a Google ...

tsoding / porth
It's like Forth but in Python

salesforce / Merlion
Merlion: A Machine Learning Framework for Time Series Intelligence

RandomThings23 / donut

Simple steps to create custom colormaps in Python
Creating any colormap at your willsPhoto by Pawel Czerwinski on UnsplashImagine you find a pretty ...

Show HN: Python library to overload functions based on interpreter version

Tests arenโ€™t enough: Case study after adding type hints to urllib3
Adding type hints to urllib3 was clearly a huge amount of work, hundreds of engineer hours across several months. What we once thought would be a purely developer-facing change ended up making the codebase more robust than ever. Several non-trivial logic errors were fixed and our team is more confident reviewing and merging PRs. This is a big win for our users and a very worthy investment.

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Space Science with Python - Part 6: The Solar System Barycenter

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