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13 ways to access data in Python
How to get data from local files, databases, APIs and data access libraries into your Python ...

Pip vs Conda: an in-depth comparison of Python's two packaging systems
If you’re using Python in the world of data science or scientific computing, you will soon discover ...

SQLAlchemy 1.4 async ORM with FastAPI
This tutorial will present how to set up a production-ready application running on FastAPI, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy 1.4, and alembic. Everything using asyncio.

Python in Visual Studio Code – October 2021 Release
In this release we closed a total of 88 issues, and it includes:

Object Oriented Programming with Python - Full Course for Beginners
Object Oriented Programming is an important concept in software development. In this complete tutorial, you will learn all about OOP and how to implement it using Python.

📖 Articles

Guide To SQL And Its Equivalent Commands In Python
Quick but detailed cheat sheet for those who want to convert their SQL code to its equivalent ...

Python stands to lose its GIL, and gain a lot of speed

Build Your First Mood-Based Music Recommendation System in Python
Audio-Based Recommendations From Scratch Using the Spotify APIContinue reading on Towards Data ...

10 Things You Might Not Know About Wikipedia Library In Python
Fetching data is much simpler with a line of code using Wikipedia API!Continue reading on Towards ...

zappa / Zappa
Serverless Python

Pithus is a free and open-source platform to analyze Android applications for activists, journalists, NGOs, researchers...

EuroPython 2021 Videos

Array Libraries Interoperability

Attempting REPL-Driven Development in Python

Finding and reporting an asyncio bug in Python 3.10
I found a bug in Python 3.10. Some notes on how I found it and my process for handling it once I figured out what was going on.

Videohash – Perceptual video hashing python package

Tips for debugging with print()
If you’re embarrassed at debugging with print(), please don’t be - it’s perfectly fine! Many bugs are easily tackled with just a few checks in the right places. Here are five tips to get the most out of debugging with print().

Streamline your Docker builds with Pants
Pants makes it easy and efficient to incrementally build and deploy multiple Docker images from a single repo, with a single command. Each image can consist of a shared base image plus a single PEX (Python EXecutable) file containing all the code, resources and dependencies required by the entry point. Pants knows exactly which images need to be rebuilt and redeployed given a set of Git changes.

Psycopg 3.0 released
Psycopg 3 is a complete rewrite based on the experience accumulated with the development and maintenance of psycopg2. Psycopg 3 targets all the current versions of Python (3.6-3.10) and PostgreSQL (10-14) and allows the use of modern Python development techniques, such as async and statically typed code.

⚙️ Projects

Configuration is an API, not an SDK
Some guidelines for config management in general and for Python apps in particular.

Internet of Things for libraries
This post is an introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT), and will cover the technical aspects of working with digital-sensors and how they could be used in a library setting.

Quickly create and run optimised Windows, macOS and Linux desktop virtual machines.

PyTorch Implementation of PortaSpeech: Portable and High-Quality Generative Text-to-Speech.

Performant evolutionary algorithms for Python.

A generic text conversion/processing tool.

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