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Mastering Web Scraping in Python: Scaling to Distributed Crawling
Build your own distributed crawler with custom parsers per domain. Discover new pages and store the exact content you need — all in less than 300 LOC.

Clustering Algorithms with Python

Python behind the scenes #12: how async/await works in Python
Concurrency is inherently hard, and no programming model can make it easy. Some models make it manageable, though, and this post should help you master one such model – Python's async/await.

Write an SQL query builder in 150 lines of Python

When Excel fails you. How to load 2.8 million records with Pandas

📖 Articles

Parse command-line arguments with argparse in Python

Token Authentication for django-rest-framework
Introduction In a a previous article I explained how to authenticate for your ...

Your First OCR Project with Tesseract and Python
The first time I ever used the Tesseract optical character recognition (OCR) engine was in my ...

Project Jupyter Celebrates 20 Years
Fernando Pérez Reflects On How It Started, Open Science’s Impact and the Value of Diversity in Coding.

Experimenting with Python implementation of Host Identity Protocol
by Dmitriy Kuptsov ...

blakeblackshear / frigate
NVR with realtime local object detection for IP cameras

How I Scraped Over 25,000 Forum Posts In 3 Steps
MotivationThe Dataquest Community is evolving. In the past months, I’ve been watching the growth of ...

Show HN: Pylectronics – Reproduce digital electronics in Python

Django Formsets Tutorial - Build dynamic forms with Htmx
Learn how to build dynamic forms with Django and Htmx.

Five lessons I learned from making my first game
Last May, I published my first game on Abyss is an action roguelike that takes you into ...

Design a Camera with Python and PyRayT: Part One – Fotonix and Gizmos

⚙️ Projects

Tech Courses Search Engine
Learn how to create a real-time tech course finder using Elasticsearch, Python, React+Redux, Docker, and Kubernetes.

👾 Reddits

Danny, creator of, is halting development of the library. has come to an end - will likely have a major effect on bots

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