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Mastering Web Scraping in Python: Crawling from Scratch

Prettymaps: Small Python library to draw customized maps from OpenStreetMap data

Visualizing Python modules and dependencies with Neo4j

A Simple Interpreter in Python

samuelcolvin / pydantic
Data parsing and validation using Python type hints

๐Ÿ“– Articles

Automate Asana with a Python web UI

The unknown features of Python's `operator` module

Show HN: Lona โ€“ Framework for responsive web apps in full Python without JS

PayPal Payments Tutorial with Django and React
Learn how to sell digital products using PayPal payments. In this tutorial you will learn how to use Django and React to sell digital products with a simple product landing page.

Show HN: Lisp implementation in modern Java, Go, C#, TypeScript, Python

iterativv / NostalgiaForInfinity
Trading strategy for the Freqtrade crypto bot

Show HN: Facata โ€“ Connect to SQL Databases from Python

Unfuck: A utility for deobfuscating Python 2.7 bytecode

AmnestyTech / investigations
Indicators from Amnesty International's investigations

Reining in the thundering herd.

Modernizing Object Storage for Cloud Native Deployments
This post presents multiple ways to achieve object storage with their trade-offs, and how hybrid-cloud object storage can operate on-premises when suitable and cloud-natively for properties of self-scale, self-healing, and self-managing when desired.

Acquire and Analyze Inflation Data in the US with an API, Python, and Tableau
Use Python and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Data API to retrieve consumer price index data. Load the data into Tableau to compare it with Series I US Savings Bond initial composite interest rates.

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Bioinformatics and Computational Biology with Python

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