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Tuplex is a parallel big data processing framework that runs data science pipelines written in Python at the speed of compiled code.

Python for Excel: A Modern Environment for Automation and Data Analysis

5 Python Projects That You Can Complete Over The Weekend
List of projects for your portfolioContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

Polar Heatmaps in Python with Matplotlib
Using matplotlib patches to build up something beautifulContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

Python Best Practices for a New Project in 2021

📖 Articles

Automate Email Sending with Python
The Definitive Snippets CollectionContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

Create Your Custom Python Package That You Can PIP Install From Your Git Repository
Share your self-built Python package using your git repo.Continue reading on Towards Data Science ...

Python Backend Web Development Course (with Django)
This video is a full backend web development course with python. In the course, you will learn everything you need to know to start your web development journey with Python and Django.

What’s New In Python 3.11
This article explains the new features in Python 3.11, compared to 3.10.

Loan Analysis using Python
In this article, we will get an idea about how real business problems are solved using Exploratory ...

C++ Is the New Python

Introduction to Django Rest Framework
In this tutorial series you are going to learn the basics about DRF: how to start a project, handle authentication, work with ViewSets and serializers.

Why not just use async Python for this API?

Learn by reading code: Python standard library design decisions explained

NLP - Text Pre-Processing - All in One
1 Introduction 2 Import the Libraries and the Data 3 Text Pre-Processing 3.1 Text Cleaning 3.2 ...

Python and Apache Cassandra™ for Beginners
Learn how to connect Python to Cassandra and insert data with the Datastax ODBC driver, and use the ...

Breaking captchas with deep learning, Keras, and TensorFlow
In the past, we’ve worked with datasets that have been pre-compiled and labeled for us — but what ...

Functional “Control Flow” — Writing Programs without Loops
Functional “Control Flow” — Writing Programs without LoopsAn overview of functional programming ...

The State of Python Packaging in 2021

Time Series Analysis From Scratch — Seeing The Big Picture
Part 1 of the Time Series from Scratch Series — Answering the big questions ...

Show HN: A simple lazy Python Calculation Engine (with spreadsheet demo)

Reverse Engineering the M6 Smart Fitness Bracelet
A post on hacking the $6 M6 fitness tracker.

Bite-sized refactoring
This post shows you why refactoring is important and show you how to do it in little steps, so that it doesn't become too overwhelming.

Show HN: Open-source real-time transcription playground (React, Python, GCP)

A Simple HDR Implementation on OpenCV Python
Learn how to create a high dynamic range (HDR) image using Python and OpenCVContinue reading on ...

Spotiscience: A Tool for Data Scientists and Music Lovers
Spotiscience seeks to make it easy to download and predict data on Spotify’s musicPhoto by Matheus ...

How to Name Django Migrations (and Why It's Important)

One Database Transaction Too Many
A story about how I ended up sending hundreds of users messages saying they got paid when they didn't! In the process we've learned a valuable lesson about nested transactions and Django signals.

Show HN: A New Python Linter

Changing choices to a ForeignKey using Django migrations
One common requirement I’ve seen in projects is that a model will start with a choices ...

Solving The Rocket Equation: Optimal Way To Expel Fuel
In this video I seek to solve the ODE specifying the motion of rocket ships in python. In particular, I seek the best way to expel fuel to make the rocket travel as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Python behind the scenes #11: how the Python import system works
The Python import system doesn't just seem complicated – it is complicated. So even though the documentation is really good, it doesn't give you the full picture of what's going on. The only way to get such a picture is to study what happens behind the scenes when Python executes an import statement. And that's what we're going to do in this post.

Guide to Reinforcement Learning with Python and TensorFlow
In this article, we present complete guide to reinforcemen learning and one type of it Q-Learning (which with the help of deep learning become Deep Q-Learning). We learn about the inspiration behind this type of learning and implement it with Python, TensorFlow and TensorFlow Agents.

⚙️ Projects

Bring the best of Selenium and Cypress into a single Python package.

DeepLab2 is a TensorFlow library for deep labeling, aiming to provide a unified and state-of-the-art TensorFlow codebase for dense pixel labeling tasks.

Let's write a Toy Emulator in Python
In this tutorial we will be creating an emulator in python that can run programs such as printing Fibonacci series or Triangular numbers.

A trusty face recognition research platform. It provides a high-performance distributed training framework and releases our efficient methods implementation.

A module for solving and visualizing the Schrödinger equation.

Integrated web scraper and email account data breach comparison tool.


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Quantum Physics with Python: A package for solving and visualizing the Schrödinger Equation

Which python framework is used by professional to make a desktop gui app ?

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