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Using Google Sheets As Database With Python

Building a Data Center Inside Your Laptop

Show HN: Visual Python – open source visual Python code generator

Django Tutorial for Beginners [2021]
Learn Django for a career in back-end development.  This Django tutorial teaches you everything you need to get started.

NLP - Text Pre-Processing I (Text Cleaning)
1 Introduction 2 Import the Libraries and the Data 3 Definition of required Functions 4 Text ...

📖 Articles

Fast & Easy Python APIs Using FastAPI
One of the best python frameworks!Continue reading on Towards Data Science ...

How variables works in Python | Explained with Animations
This video tries to explain how variables or name bindings work in Python and their internal representations like PyObject and PyVarObjects, using animations.

Parameterizing and automating Jupyter notebooks with papermill
Jupyter notebooks are often run with different parameters, and the best way to automate setting parameters and running them is papermill.

Interactive Animated Visualization
Using AnimatPlot for Animating Graphs & PlotsContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

How to Start a Production-Ready Django Project

Functools — The Power of Higher-Order Functions in Python
Take a tour of Python’s functools module and learn how to use its higher-order functions to implement caching, overloading and much more.

How to Schedule Flights in Python
Assign Enough Airplanes while Minimizing the Cost using CVXPYContinue reading on Towards Data ...

How to Handle JWTs in Python
Learn how to create, parse and verify your JWTs in Python using PyJWT.

Functools – The Power of Higher-Order Functions in Python

How do you use Lambda functions in Python?
A quick overview of the Syntax, Usage and Common errorsContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

Filters in Django – filter(A, B) vs filter(A).filter(B)
In this article, we’re going to cover quite an advanced topic in Django ORM. And after ...

Typeclasses in Python
This post introduces a new concept for Python developers: typeclasses. It is a concept behind a new dry-python library called classes.

Build A Machine Learning iOS App

Taking my data back from Eufy
What drives me up the wall is when companies do not provide a mechanism to get your data. With the Eufy SmartLife app, I hacked my way around it.

Plotext – Python Plotting on the Terminal

Python 3.9.6, 3.8.11, 3.7.11, and 3.6.14 are now available

Pyflyby: Improving Efficiency of Jupyter Interactive Sessions

Ask HN: Why Poetry did not become a mainstream package manager for Python?

Geohot/twitchcore: A RISC-V core, first in Python, then in Verilog, then on FPGA

How Black Handles Comments When Python's Grammar Ignores Them

Beautiful Interactive Tables for your Flask Templates
Rendering a table with data in a Flask template is a relatively simple task when the table is short, but can be incredibly hard for larger tables that require features such as sorting, pagination and searching. This article shows you how to integrate the dataTables.js library in your templates, which will allow you to create fully featured tables with ease!

⚙️ Projects

schwifty is a Python library that let's you easily work with IBANs and BICs as specified by the ISO. IBAN is the Internationtional Bank Account Number and BIC the Business Identifier Code. Both are used for international money transfer.

Query language for efficient data extraction from Wikipedia.

Hide your scrapers IP behind the cloud. Provision proxy servers across different cloud providers to improve your scraping success.

pystitcher stitches your PDF files together, generating nice customizable bookmarks for you using a declarative markdown file as input

Transpiles some Python into human-readable Golang.

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I wrote a Python program that produces random chord progressions

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