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6 Tricks to Effectively Use JSON in Python
Working with JSON in Python is super easy and this will get…

The Art of Web Scraping
Master the practice of extracting data from a website as efficiently as…

How To Run a Python Script Using a Docker Container
Run Python with less effort

Apply These 4 Techniques To Write Concise Python Code
Write Python code in a Pythonic way

What’s the difference between shallow and deep copies in Python?
copy() vs deepcopy() in Python

đź“– Articles

Working with Python dictionaries: a cheat sheet
Accessing, editing and looping through dictionary items

6 Things To Know When Dockerizing Python Apps in Production
A checklist to run Docker containers with…

Build your own Grammarly in Python
Spelling and Grammar Correction tool in Python

7 Useful Tricks for Python Regex You Should Know
Write powerful and readable regex with them

Master Machine Learning: Multiple Linear Regression From Scratch With Python
Machine Learning can be…

Introducing “Lucid Sonic Dreams”: Sync GAN Art to Music with a Few Lines of Python Code!

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Python Generators
Generators in Python are more than just an…

The Implicit Sides of Python — 4 Notable Features
Know what goes on under the hood

The ABCs of Data Science: 26 of the Most Important Concepts
From artificial neural networks to Z-scores

Useful pip commands in Data Science
The Python Package Index (PyPI) is a repository of software for…

How to Create a full stack Job Portal Web application as your Project Using Django and PyTorch

Introduction to hierarchical time series forecasting — part II
Example in Python using scikit-hts

Reducing memory usage in pandas with smaller datatypes
Optimizing pandas memory usage by the effective…

Introduction to Python
The who, what and why of Python

Apache Spark Performance Boosting
A comprehensive guide about performance tips for Pyspark

Build Your First Interactive Data Science Web App with Streamlit
Highlighting some of the most common…

3 Examples to Show Python Altair is More Than a Data Visualization Library
A complete tool for data…

Why Production Machine Learning Fails — And How To Fix It
Deploy your ML models with flying colors by…

How has The Queen’s Gambit impacted the popularity of online chess?
Analysis of’s new and…

Pandas May Not Be the King of the Jungle After All
A slightly biased comparison

Why and when to build a Machine Learning Platform (part 2)
Enter the solution…

⚙️ Projects

GoogleCloudPlatform / python-docs-samples
Code samples used on

GoogleCloudPlatform / microservices-demo
Sample cloud-native application with 10 microservices showcasing Kubernetes, Istio, gRPC and OpenCensus.

jopohl / urh
Universal Radio Hacker: Investigate Wireless Protocols Like A Boss

edeng23 / binance-trade-bot
Automated cryptocurrency trading bot

NVlabs / stylegan2-ada-pytorch
StyleGAN2-ADA - Official PyTorch implementation

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