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I created a 40-minute tutorial that will explain everything you need to Containerize your Python applications using Docker!

32 Advanced Techniques for Better Python Code
Tips for Python documentation, coding, testing, verification, and continuous integration

Top 15 Python Packages You Must Try
A handpicked list of the most useful and surprising Python…

Build Your First Data Visualization Web App in Python Using Streamlit
Self-exploratory visualization…

Automatic color correction with OpenCV and Python
In this tutorial, you will learn how to perform automatic color correction with OpenCV using a ...

📖 Articles

6 Alternatives to Classes in Python
Speed of development, execution time, (de)serialization, and…

A Straightforward Guide to Cleaning and Preparing Data in Python
How to Identify and deal with dirty…

Excel-Python App for Non-Pythonists
Let your non coding colleagues anticipate the Power of Python in…

Animating Schrodinger Wave Function(ψ) of a Particle Using Python (with full code)

Hidden Power of Polymorphism in Python
How to implement…

⚙️ Projects

iam-abbas / Reddit-Stock-Trends
Fetch currently trending stocks on Reddit

alievk / avatarify-python
Avatars for Zoom, Skype and other video-conferencing apps.

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