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Deploy a Python API With Docker and Kubernetes
Autoscale compute-intensive workloads to keep up with…

40 Machine Learning Algorithms with Python
All Machine Learning Algorithms and models explained with…

How to build your first Desktop Application in Python

Building a Map of Your Python Project Using Graph Technology — Visualize Your Code

ml-tooling / best-of-ml-python
🏆 A ranked list of awesome machine learning Python libraries. Updated weekly.

đź“– Articles

Rich: Generate Rich and Beautiful Text in the Terminal with Python
Debug and Create Cool Python…

9 Awesome Python packages for Machine Learning that should deserve more credit
Built by Microsoft…

Real-time dashboard in Python
Streaming and Refreshing

Concurrency in Python: How to Speed Up Your Code With Threads
Theory + Hands-on guide on implementing…

Airbnb Data Analysis With Pandas and Seaborn
A practical guide to analyzing and visualizing Airbnb data

Create a graph database in Neo4j using Python
From data cleaning to graph population

4 Tips to Master Python f-strings!
Use these fun tips and tricks to make better use of f-strings

Are You Still Using Pandas to Process Big Data in 2021?
Pandas doesn’t handle well Big Data. These two…

9 Handy Python Functions for Programmers
Based on my personal…

Keyword Extraction process in Python with Natural Language Processing(NLP)

18 Coding Tools for Your Python Developer Sandbox
Write Pythonic code

Fully Explained SVM Classification with Python
How the classification…

You Should Master Python First Before Becoming a Data Scientist

All Pandas cut() you should know for transforming numerical data into categorical data

8 Simple and Useful Streamlit Tricks You Should Know
Write better Streamlit apps

Automating my job by using GPT-3 to generate database-ready SQL to answer business questions

How to Use Random Forest Regression in Python
For Assessment of Gender, Hypertension and Diabetes

⚙️ Projects

ml-tooling / best-of-python
🏆 A ranked list of awesome Python open-source libraries and tools. Updated weekly.

thonny / thonny
Python IDE for beginners

d0nk / parler-tricks
Reverse engineered Parler API

RameenAbdal / StyleFlow
StyleFlow: Attribute-conditioned Exploration of StyleGAN-generated Images using Conditional Continuous Normalizing Flows (ACM TOG 2021)

carlospolop / hacktricks
Welcome to the page where you will find each trick/technique/whatever I have learnt in CTFs, real life apps, and reading researches and news.

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Dock: Simple & cross-platform Markdown documentation generator

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