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đź’– Most Popular

Quickly fetch your WiFi password and if needed, generate a QR code of your WiFi to allow phones to easily connect. Works on macOS and Linux and Windows

30 Python Language Tricks That Will Make You a Better Coder
If you think you mastered the language…

All The Mathematics You Need For Artificial Intelligence
A Compiled List of Essential Math topics to…

Machine Learning in SQL — it actually works!
With the newest version of dask-sql it is possible to use…

How to Create Better UI for Your Python Scripts

đź“– Articles

Linux Shell Commands can be your time saver
A teaser of useful Shell commands that can drastically…

4 Types of Comprehensions In Python
Only use them for concise and readable

OpenCV Image Translation
In this tutorial, you will learn how to translate and shift images using ...

Image Processing with Python — Blob Detection using Scikit-Image
How to identify and segregate…

20 Examples to Master Pandas Series
A core data structure of Pandas

8 Must-Know File System Operations In Python
The essential for Python in tasks automation apps

How to Create a Beautify Combo Chart in Python Plotly

Mastering indexing and slicing in Python
A deep dive into indexing and slicing over ordered collections

Automating Stock Investing Fundamental Analysis With Python
Explaining Stock Trading Fundamental…

Introduction to Python’s Boto3
The AWS SDK the Easy Way

12 requests per second
A realistic look at Python web frameworks

Using Environment Variables in Python for App Configuration
Learn how experienced developers use environment variables in Python

Edifice: A Declarative UI Library
Make simple UI easy and complex ones straightforward.

Histogram matching with OpenCV, scikit-image, and Python
In this tutorial, you will learn how to perform histogram matching using OpenCV and ...

All Pythons are slow, but some are faster than others
Python is not the fastest language around, so any performance boost helps, especially if you’re ...

Bernoulli Distribution with Python from Scratch
How to code bernoulli distribution from scratch for…

Leading a Data Science Project from Scratch
Every data science project, ever.

Using matplotlib to generate graphs in Django
Nowadays the most common way to generate graphs in your Django apps (or web apps in general) is ...

5 lesser-known Python features
Along with coding examples

My 6-part Powerful EDA Template That Speaks of Ultimate Skill
EDA — done right…

WordNet: A Lexical Taxonomy of English Words
What is WordNet and why is it useful?

⚙️ Projects

facebookresearch / deit
Official DeiT repository

LonamiWebs / Telethon
Pure Python 3 MTProto API Telegram client library, for bots too!

qutebrowser / qutebrowser
A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5.

đź‘ľ Reddits

I made a Password Generator which uses diceware password generating algorithm to generate cryptographically strong memorable passphrases.

Colorpedia – Command-line tool for looking up colors

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