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SQL queries in Python

An end-to-end machine learning project with Python Pandas, Keras, Flask, Docker and Heroku

I made a tool to debug and visualize Python code!

Trading Dashboard with Yfinance & Python.

40 Examples to Master Pandas
A comprehensive practical guide

đź“– Articles

5 Free Resources to Learn Python
A mixture of theoretical and practical resources

Simulating the Pandemic in Python
A Step-by-Step Data Science Project

Don’t Use Recursion In Python Any More
Python Closure — A Pythonic technique you must know

A New Way To Trade Moving Averages — A Study in Python.
Another Way to Extract Trading Signals From…

Increase Productivity: Data Cleaning using Python and Pandas
Data cleaning can be time-consuming, but…

Create Quick and Powerful GUIs Using “Dear PyGui” in Python

How to Make Stunning Interactive Maps with Python and Folium in Minutes
Visualizing earthquake data…

3 Useful Projects to learn Python Classes
Develop the intuition to build your own custom objects

Doing Data Science from Scratch
Building measurement devices, measuring, analysing and drawing…

Web Scraping Wikipedia tables with Beautiful Soup
By Lenin Mishra In this blog you will learn to perform Web Scraping using the Beautiful Soup and ...

4 Advanced Tricks With Python Functions You Might Not Know
From forcing keyword arguments to anonymous…

Understand Blockchains by Building Your Own in Python
Build your own to understand what it’s all…

How fast is C++ compared to Python?
An example for data scientists who believe they don’t need to know C++

5 Useful Tips With Python Dictionaries
Take advantage of this powerful data type

A Very Easy Tutorial to Learn Python Regular Expression (re)
Tutorial 101 for Python Regular…

8 Things to Know to Master Python Function Arguments
All you need to know to write readable Python…

5 Highly Practical NumPy Operations
Explained with examples

Correlation Is Simple With Seaborn And Pandas
How to quickly find strong correlations in data using…

Python: I have tested a Trading Mathematical Technic in RealTime.
I have tested in real-time the…

The Ten Best Ways to Create NumPy Arrays
There are a slew of different ways to create NumPy arrays. In…

How To Create A Fully Automated AI Based Trading System With Python
End-to-end project: get the data…

Why do we pass __name__ to the Flask class?
When you learn Flask, you are told to create your Flask application instances by passing __name__ ...

Python HTTP Methods Tutorial
By Lenin Mishra In this article, we will focus on learning about the 4 common HTTP methods - GET, ...

Learning Data Science Online Without an Instructor: Tips and Tricks
How to find the answers on your…

The Future of Data Science, Data Engineering, and Tech
6 experts’ views on tech in 2021

PySpark + MySQL Tutorial
A quick tutorial on installing and connecting PySpark and MySQL, and running…

8 Tips to Write Cleaner Code
Get clean, readable, and elegant code at all times

Pywedge: A complete package for EDA, Data Preprocessing and Modelling
Pywedge helps in visualizing the…

Scheduling All Kinds of Recurring Jobs with Python
Let’s explore all the libraries for running cron…

4 Fundamental NumPy Properties Every Data Scientist Must Master
What makes numPy the ultimate power…

How to Be a Self-Taught Coder
Assembling your perfect code from the knowledge scattered around the…

A Guide to Metrics in Exploratory Data Analysis
Get familiar with robust…

Statistical modeling with “Pomegranate” —fast and intuitive
Pomegranate is a delicious fruit. It can…

Create a Plotly Data Visualization App Using One Line of JS
While maintaining the flexibility of Flask

Here’s How Consistency Improves Your Code’s Readability
There’s nothing more valuable than a…

Funnel charts with Python
A great option for representing different stages of a process

Streamlit and spaCy: Create an App to Predict Sentiment and Word Similarities with Minimal Domain Knowledge

ROC and AUC — How to Evaluate Machine Learning Models in No Time
Yes, hands-on examples in Python…

Classification of Dog-Breeds using a pre-trained CNN model
A Udacity Data Science Nanodegree Capstone Project to classify Dog-Breeds using a pre-trained CNN ...

LIME vs. SHAP: Which is Better for Explaining Machine Learning Models?
Two of the most popular…

How NOT to write pandas code
Most of “How NOT” to code with pandas comes from my beginnings. With each…

Python Features You Should Know

The Importance of Model Selection in Machine Learning
From avocado toast to interpreting millennial…

Presenting Python code using RISE
In this article, you will use RISE as a Python jupyter notebook…

The Fractal Indicator — Detecting Tops & Bottoms in Markets.
Insights from Chaos Theory Applied to…

⚙️ Projects

hzwer / arXiv2020-RIFE
RIFE: Real Time Video Frame Rate Enhancement

frida / frida
Clone this repo to build Frida

đź‘ľ Reddits

Import Records From CSV File (or any data file) to SQL Server (or any database system) With Python

Script that Automatically organize files in a folder

How to download and design a desktop app using Qt Designer (for PyQt5, PySide, Qt)

Exercises to learn Pandas

"Sillynium" - Auto generate Python Selenium Scripts by drawing coloured boxes around webpage elements [OC][Now Open-Source]

I made a script to skip youtube ads!

Object tracking in Python, my latest version (still a couple of errors, but happy with this)

willmcgugan/rich Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal.

From complete beginner to django website

What do you automate with python at home?

Simple Python Tutorial for Robinhood API

Cyberbrain: Python debugging, redefined

Wikibot 2.0: A bot which uses Wikipedia, Heroku, Firebase to provide most wiki functions.

My first project: Made a COVID 19 bot using selenium, pytesseract and tweepy

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