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Accessing the Dark Web with Python
Creating new Tor identities to confidently and safely browse the…

Best Python Libraries for Every Python Developer
Python libraries that developers should use in their…

The Most Complete List of Legally Free Python Books (Updated 2021)

How to Create Beautiful GIF(s) in Python for your Data Analysis
Interactivity and animation in a few…

15 common coding mistakes data scientist make in Python (and how to fix them)

📖 Articles

25 Useful Python One-Liners That You Should know
That makes python immortal

The Simplest Tutorial for Python Decorator
Add a “Pythonic” wrapper of any functions/classes without…

Introduction to Scikit-learn Pipelines
How to simplify the preprocessing operations

Facebook’s Prophet + Deep Learning = NeuralProphet
Improving the interpretable Prophet model with the…

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Python in 8 minutes (compared to java)

First Project: Predicting stock prices with Python

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