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9 Skills That Separate Beginners From Intermediate Python Programmers
Thinking and writing code…but…

53 Python Interview Questions and Answers
Python questions for data scientist and software engineers

25 Software Design Interview Questions to Crack Any Programming and Technical Interviews

lindawangg / COVID-Net
COVID-Net Open Source Initiative

10 Great Programming Projects to Improve Your Resume and Learn to Program
Improve your skills in web…

đź“– Articles

If I had to start learning Data Science again, how would I do it?

Diagram as Code
Diagrams lets you draw the cloud system architecture in Python code.

Automate Your Python Script with Process Manager 2 (PM2)

Probably the Best Resource to Learn Deep Learning in 2020
And learn it well.

Are you still using Pandas for big data?
Pandas doesn’t have multiprocessing support and it is slow…

Intro to Dynamic Visualization with Python — Animations and Interactive Plots

Python Fundamentals for Data Science
Essentials of fundamental python programming to get started with…

How to Get a Job with Python
It is a simple use of Python, you do not need any specific skills to do…

How to use Jupyter Notebooks in 2020 (Part 2: Ecosystem growth)
This is the second of a three-part blog post on the Jupyter Notebook ecosystem. Here, I’ll ...

RIP correlation. Introducing the Predictive Power Score
An open-source alternative that finds more…

Detect and remove duplicate images from a dataset for deep learning
In this tutorial, you will learn how to detect and remove duplicate images from a dataset for ...

Fine-tuning ResNet with Keras, TensorFlow, and Deep Learning
In this tutorial, you will learn how to fine-tune ResNet using Keras, TensorFlow, and Deep ...

How to simply make an operation on pandas DataFrame faster
An introduction to different python methods…

An Essential Guide on Python for Beginners
A Guide To Learn Python From The Nature

Machine Learning in Power BI using PyCaret
A step-by-step tutorial for implementing machine learning…

5 Cool Alternatives To Django and Flask For Deploying Endpoints And FullStack
Useful frameworks for…

Logging Algorithmic Experiments in Python
When your head is so busy thinking of clever solutions, you…

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-04-26

MacBook Pro for Deep Learning? Let’s Try.
How will it compare against Nvidia GPU powered laptop?

⚙️ Projects

geohot / corona
Reverse engineering SARS-CoV-2

kiwicom / schemathesis
A tool that generates and runs test cases for Open API / Swagger based apps

ovh / celery-director
Simple and rapid framework to build workflows using Celery

COVID19Tracking / covid-tracking-data

CodeForPhilly / chime
COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics

TachibanaYoshino / AnimeGAN
A Tensorflow implementation of AnimeGAN for fast photo animation ! This is the Open source of the paper <AnimeGAN: a novel lightweight GAN for photo animation>, which uses the GAN framwork to transform real-world photos into anime images.

đź‘ľ Reddits

My Professor wants hand written assignments. So I made MyhandWriting.. that can write in myway on a A4 sheet paper.

I made a python script that organizes a folder like Downloads based on file extensions

I made this clock using python and as GUI html, css, JS

I wrote a program on python to show how the number of swearwords differs across each breaking bad episode to see if there was any kind of correlation - turns out there isn't and this was a complete flop

Six months into Python and Data science, my first Dashboard Web App with covid19 data using python only

My pothole detector. Used yolov3 annotated images on labelimg.

First Game Ever! I know it's boring but gotta start somewhere.

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