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I teach programming to researchers at the University of Bristol. Due to Coronavirus all our teaching has moved online. I've just uploaded my first recorded session covering pandas 🐼

6 SQL Tricks Every Data Scientist Should Know
SQL tricks to make your analytics work more efficient

Four Things Programmers Need To Know About Python Classes and Libraries
I never had a chance to learn…

Say Goodbye to Excel? A Simple Evaluation of Python Grid Studio Using COVID-19 Data

How to use Jupyter Notebooks in 2020 (Part 1: The data science landscape)
This is the first of a three-part blog post on the Jupyter Notebook ecosystem. Here, I’ll talk ...

📖 Articles

Scraping Live Traffic Data in 3 Lines of Code, Step-by-Step
Learn how to web scrape a live-updating…

3 Python Visualization Libraries You MUST Know as A Data Scientist

Data Cleaning With Python and pandas
An introduction

How to Master Python Command Line Arguments
A simple guide to create your own Python script with…

From chunking to parallelism: faster Pandas with Dask
When data doesn’t fit in memory, you can use chunking: loading and then processing it in ...

The Best of Python’s Built-in Libraries
Discover the treasures of Python!

Multithreading in Python for Finance
A quick guide to parallel computing with applications in finance

Use Google Sheets, S3, and Python to Build a Website Quickly
A survival guide for non-web developers

3 Insane Secret Weapons for Python
I don’t know how I lived without them

Nine simple steps for better-looking python code

Pandas Pivot — The Ultimate Guide
Everything you’ve always wanted to know about pandas Pivot but were…

Generators, Iterables, Iterators in Python: When and Where
Generators, Iterables, and Iterators are some of the most used tools in Python. However, we don't ...

Top 3 Python Functions I Wish I Knew Earlier
You don’t know what you don’t know.

Top 10 Coursera Certificates to start your career in Cloud, Data Science, AI, Mainframe and IT Support

Crisp python plots based on visualization theory
It’s time to upgrade from Matplotlib to Plotly —…

Your First Neural Network in PyTorch
Let’s get that PC warm.

Extra 4 SQL Tricks Every Data Scientist Should Know
Getting more out of SQL to step up your analytics…

Space Science with Python — An Introduction

Seaborn Library for Data Visualization
The human minds are more versatile and adaptable to visual graphics than to textual information. ...

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2020-04-19

Are you still using JupyterLab?
There is a new premium product in the Data Science town. It has…

Understand map() function to manipulate pandas Series
Learn the…

Requests in Python (Guide)
ContentsIntroduction to Requests LibraryGET functionStatus CodeContents of the Response ...

Latent Dirichlet Allocation(LDA): A guide to probabilistic modelling approach for topic discovery

Building a Powerful DQN in TensorFlow 2.0 (explanation & tutorial)
And scoring 350+ by implementing…

Saving machine learning models to disc
Table of Content 1 Introduction 2 Loading the libraries and the data 3 Visualization of the data 4 ...

Security: Preventing Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

The Struggle to Find My First Job as a Data Scientist

How to Provide Test Fixtures for Django Models in Pytest
One of the most challenging aspects of writing good tests is maintaining test fixtures. Good test ...

If Programming Languages Had Honest Slogans
A little comedy for all of us right now

Distill: Why do we need Flask, Celery, and Redis? (with McDonalds in Between)
A few weeks ago, someone at work asked me: Good question, And below is a longer version of my ...

Announcing PyCaret: An open source, low-code machine learning library in Python
An open source…

⚙️ Projects

mnielsen / neural-networks-and-deep-learning
Code samples for my book "Neural Networks and Deep Learning"

lengstrom / fast-style-transfer
TensorFlow CNN for fast style transfer ⚡🖥🎨🖼

openZH / covid_19
COVID19 case numbers Cantons of Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein (FL) - case numbers include persons tested in the respective area. The data is updated at best once a day (times of collection and update may vary). Start with the README.

👾 Reddits

Today I’m releasing PyBoy v1.0.0! A Game Boy emulator written in Python, focused on scripting, AI and learning

Lad wrote a Python script to download Alexa voice recordings, he didn't expect this email.

Hexapod Robot Simulator with only Numpy and Plotly Dash

Generating a random maze using Prim's algorithm

I wrote a script that creates a password wordlist based on the information you provide about the person.

I made a face recognition program

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