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Build a SaaS App with Django, Stripe, Neon PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS, GitHub Actions
This video is a Python tutorial that teaches how to build a SaaS app with Django, Stripe, Neon PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS, and GitHub Actions. It covers topics like Django web development, sending emails, user authentication, deployment, database integration, static files, and subscription management.

Python 3.12.4 released

pdm-project / pdm
A modern Python package and dependency manager supporting the latest PEP standards

Understanding HTTP Server by Implementing in Python

Let's reproduce GPT-2 (124M)
In this video, Andrej Karpathy demonstrates how to reproduce the GPT-2 (124M) model, covering topics like parameter sharing, model initialization, mixed precision training, optimizations like flash attention, and hyperparameter tuning.

📖 Articles

CPython Garbage Collection: The Internal Mechanics and Algorithms
A detailed code walkthrough of how CPython implements memory management, including reference counting and garbage collection.

Modal Forms with Django, HTMX, and Tailwind CSS
This video shows how you can convert a traditional Django form to an HTMX modal element in just a few quick steps.

Optimal SQLite settings for Django
The article provides optimal SQLite settings for Django applications, aimed at enhancing performance and reliability for smaller deployments. It includes specific PRAGMA configurations and a simple backup strategy, highlighting the potential of SQLite when correctly tuned for production use.

My thoughts on Python in Excel
An in-depth review of Microsoft's new Python in Excel functionality.

Nvidia Warp: A Python framework for high performance GPU simulation and graphics

StreamSpeech is an “All in One” seamless model for offline and simultaneous speech recognition, speech translation and speech synthesis.

Cracking the Scheduling Code in Hay Day
Learn how to solve the scheduling problem in the Hay Day game using Mixed-integer linear programming and Google OR-Tools.

Insanely Easy GPT-4 One Prompt Streamlit Interactive Plotly Sunburst Chart
Simple and modular prompt engineering for efficient Python charting results.

Python in Visual Studio Code – June 2024 Release
This release includes the following announcements:

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-06-16


⚙️ Projects

AI-Powered Jupyter Notebook built using React.

Burr makes it easy to develop applications that make decisions (chatbots, agents, simulations, etc...) from simple python building blocks.

Inspectus is a versatile visualization tool for large language models. It runs smoothly in Jupyter notebooks via an easy-to-use Python API. Inspectus provides multiple views, offering diverse insights into language model behaviors.

Type `pytest --edit` to open the failing test code.

LLM-powered lossless compression tool.

The tiniest PaaS you've ever seen. Piku allows you to do git push deployments to your own servers.

👾 Reddits

Cant decide between flask, django ninja or fastAPI for sideproject

Sold my Python open source project to a San Francisco AI company. Now I work for them. AMA.

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