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Predicting solar eclipses with Python
The article describes how the author was able to write a Python script to compute the position of the sun and moon and predict the location of total solar eclipses, leveraging the Astropy library and other Python packages, all in around 100 lines of code.

FreeAskInternet is a completely free, private and locally running search aggregator & answer generate using LLM, without GPU needed. The user can ask a question and the system will make a multi engine search and combine the search result to the ChatGPT3.5 LLM and generate the answer based on search results.

Client libraries are better when they have no API
The article discusses the author's approach to building a client library for the csvbase, focusing on leveraging existing file system abstraction libraries like fsspec to provide a seamless user experience without a custom API. It highlights the benefits of this approach, such as enabling integration with a wide range of tools and libraries that already support the fsspec interface.

9 Advanced Python Type Hints That Will Improve Your Code Significantly

SQLAlchemy: The BEST SQL Database Library in Python
Ever heard of SQLAlchemy and thought it sounded like a medieval potion? Well, it's not! SQLAlchemy combines the robustness of SQL with Python's flexibility, making database management not just easier, but kinda fun too! In this video, Iโ€™ll take a closer look at this awesome tool.

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philz1337x / clarity-upscaler
Clarity AI | AI Image Upscaler & Enhancer - free and open-source Magnific Alternative

Cosine Similarity and Text Embeddings In Python with OpenAI
The article discusses how to use cosine similarity to compare text embeddings, which are vector representations of text that capture semantic meaning, in order to determine the similarity between different text inputs. It provides example code for calculating cosine similarity between text embeddings generated using the OpenAI API.

Python 3.12.3 and 3.13.0a6 released

Building a streaming ChatGPT clone, with Django, Channels, and HTMX
This video walks you through the process of building a ChatGPT clone step-by-step using Django, websockets, and HTMX. Each piece of functionality is broken down into a single commit, then explained and demonstrated. By the end, a fully functional, streaming chatbot app is ready!

7 examples in 6 minutes using Django GeneratedField
We'll go over 7 short examples in 6 minutes. After looking at them, you'll know how to use Django's GeneratedField - doing calculations automatically with the database quickly and neatly.

openai / grok

Python in Visual Studio Code โ€“ April 2024 Release
This release includes the following announcements:

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-04-14

โš™๏ธ Projects

How to survive coding interviews with a single line of Python code
The article discusses techniques for solving coding interview questions using concise, single-line Python code.

The Design Philosophy of Great Tables
The article discusses the importance of well-designed tables for effectively presenting data, drawing inspiration from historical tabular design principles. It highlights the Great Tables library's focus on providing various customization options to help users create visually appealing and structured tables for publications, reports, and other data-driven content

A project structure aware autonomous software engineer aiming for autonomous program improvement.

An Open-source Tool for Fact Verification.

Mantis is a security framework that automates the workflow of discovery, reconnaissance, and vulnerability scanning.

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