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Think Python, 3rd Edition

Summary of Major Changes Between Python Versions
This post is designed to be a quick reference for the major changes introduced with each new version of Python. This can help with taking advantages of using new features as you upgrade your code base, or ensuring that you have the correct guards for compatibility with older versions.

An open source, non-profit search engine implemented in Python.

Visualizing Neural Network Internals
Visualizing some of the internals of a neural network during training and inference.

Open source smart fuzzing for Python's best testing workflow.

📖 Articles

Why AI has a Python Problem
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has propelled Python to unprecedented popularity, making it the go-to language for developers and researchers worldwide. Yet, beneath the surface, a significant challenge looms. Let's get into the specific difficulties Python poses for AI's evolution, backed by real-world examples and technical insights.

Handling Tasks in Asyncio Like a Pro

Everything You Can Do with Python’s textwrap Module

RLHF a LLM in <50 lines of Python

Not just NVIDIA: GPU programming that runs everywhere
If you want to run GPU programs in CI, on Macs, and more, wgu-py is a good option.

Engineering Practices for LLM Application Development
LLM engineering involves much more than just prompt design or prompt engineering. In this article, we share a set of engineering practices that helped us deliver a prototype LLM application rapidly and reliably in a recent project. We'll share techniques for automated testing and adversarial testing of LLM applications, refactoring, as well as considerations for architecting LLM applicat...

katanaml / sparrow
Data extraction with ML and LLM

Meta loves Python
Meta engineers discuss their contributions to Python 3.12, including new features such as custom JIT hooks, Immortal Objects, type system improvements, and faster comprehensions, highlighting their collaboration with the Python community and the company's support for open source

Everything You Can Do with Python's textwrap Module
Python has many options for formatting strings and text, including f-strings, format() function, templates and more. There's however one module that few people know about and it's called textwrap. This module is specifically built to help you with line-wrapping, indentation, trimming and more, and in this article we will look at all the things you can use it for.

Adopt-ruff: find uncobfigured rules easily
Adopt ruff faster into your existing repo: find the easiest rules to start with

Ask HN: Which Python type checker should I use?

netease-youdao / QAnything
Question and Answer based on Anything.

Counting CPU Instructions in Python
Did you know it takes about 17,000 CPU instructions to print("Hello") in Python? And that it takes ~2 billion of them to import seaborn?

The Many Ways to Deploy a Model
There are many ways to deploy models and perform inference. Here, we share our decision rubric for model deployments using LLM inference as an example.

How to avoid a count query in Django if you can

uv: Python Packaging in Rust

google-deepmind / alphageometry

Codium-ai / AlphaCodium
Official implementation for the paper: "Code Generation with AlphaCodium: From Prompt Engineering to Flow Engineering""

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2024-02-18

⚙️ Projects

A terminal application to view, tail, merge, and search log files (plus JSONL).

The simplest package management.

GPTAuthor is an AI tool for writing long form, multi-chapter stories given a story prompt.

Apple's new open-source AI model that can edit images based on natural language instructions.

A Python tool to enforce a modular, decoupled package architecture.

Test whether your code is logging correctly.

The OTP framework for Python Trio.

Hunt down the lines of your Django application code which are responsible for executing the most queries.

Towards Foundation Models for Probabilistic Time Series Forecasting.

Foundational model for human-like, expressive TTS.

👾 Reddits

Recording and visualising the 20k system calls it takes to "import seaborn"

Why use Pycharm Pro in 2024?

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