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7 Tips To Structure Your Python Data Science Projects
This video will cover 7 tips to streamline the structure of your Python data science projects. With the right setup and thoughtful software design, you'll be able to modify and enhance your projects more efficiently.

Python obfuscation traps
In the realm of software development, open-source tools and packages play a pivotal role in simplifying tasks and accelerating development processes. Yet, as the community grows, so does the number of bad actors looking to exploit it. A recent example involves developers being targeted by seemingly legitimate Python obfuscation packages that harbor malicious code.

New goodies in Django 5.0
The article highlights the new features added in Django 5.0.

Python errors as values: Comparing useful patterns from Rust and Go

What's with ML software and pickles?
The article discusses the author's evolving perspective on the use of Python's pickle module in the machine learning ecosystem. It highlights the issues, security concerns, and brittleness associated with pickle, offering insights into the reasons behind its widespread usage and the challenges it addresses in the machine learning field.

πŸ“– Articles

Build an AI Tool to Summarize Books Instantly
Get the gist of any book without reading it cover to cover.

Everything You Can Do with Python's bisect Module
Learn how to optimize search and keep your data sorted in Python with the "bisect" module.

Database generated columns: Django & SQLite
An introduction to database generated columns, using SQLite and the new GeneratedField added in Django 5.0.

Debugging CSRF Failed / 403 Forbidden errors in Django
A guided deep dive into Django's source code to understand why your application is failing CSRF validation.

The most performant timestamp functions in Python: EXTENDED
Part 2 of different timestamp functions performance across Python versions and machine types. What is the fastest way to get the current time?

Adds helpful links to the REPL when an exception happens.

Let's create a Python Debugger together

How to Profile Asyncio Programs
You can profile slow asyncio programs to discover coroutines that occupy most of the runtime and ...

We wrote the OpenAI Wanderlust app in pure Python using Solara

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-11-12

spdustin / ChatGPT-AutoExpert
πŸš€πŸ§ πŸ’¬ Supercharged Custom Instructions for ChatGPT (non-coding) and ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis (coding).

βš™οΈ Projects

Ship RAG based LLM web apps in seconds.

A generative and self-guided robotic agent that endlessly propose and master new skills.

A modern, modular, and robust TUI hex editor.

Let the Code Write Itself.

Open Source LLM toolkit to build LLM applications. TigerRAG (embedding, RAG), TigerTune (fine-tuning), TigerArmor (AI safety).

Local AI talk with a custom voice based on Zephyr 7B model. Uses RealtimeSTT with faster_whisper for transcription and RealtimeTTS with Coqui XTTS for synthesis.

Enforce the output format (JSON Schema, Regex etc) of a language model.

Python microframework for modular monoliths and loosely coupled apps.

The testing framework for ML models, from tabular to LLMs.

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