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5 Ways to Measure Execution Time in Python
You can benchmark the execution of Python code using the “time” module in the standard library. In this tutorial, you will discover how to time the execution of Python code using a suite of different techniques.

Show HN: Running LLMs in one line of Python without Docker

Things I’ve learned about building CLI tools in Python
I build a lot of command-line tools in Python. It’s become my favorite way of quickly turning a piece of code into something I can use myself and package up for other people to use too. Here are some notes on what I’ve learned about designing and implementing CLI tools in Python so far.

Python 3.12.0 from a supply chain security perspective

Hundreds of malicious Python packages found stealing sensitive data

📖 Articles

How to store your users' API keys securely in Django
Encrypt your users' keys to increase security.

LangChain Crash Course for Beginners
LangChain is a framework designed to simplify the creation of applications using large language models. It makes it easy to connect AI models with a bunch of different data sources so you can create customized NLP applications.

Calling Rust from Python

Python 3.12: All New Features You Need To Know!
This video will not only dive into the thrilling new features and improvements coming our way in Python 3.12 but also discuss some elements that will be removed in the upcoming release.

Building an API in the cloud in fewer than 200 lines of code
Cloud tools and Python packages have become so powerful that you can build a (scalable) cloud-based API in fewer than 200 lines of code. In this post, you’ll see how to use Google Cloud, Terraform, and FastAPI to deploy a queryable data API on the cloud.

Scaling Large (Language) Models with PyTorch Lightning
Learn about techniques to train large models like Llama and Stable Diffusion using PyTorch Lightning.

Exploring Wordle
This article will show you how to solve Wordle programmatically using Python.

Incremental View Maintenance for Python application developers.

aigc-apps / sd-webui-EasyPhoto
📷 EasyPhoto | Your Smart AI Photo Generator.

Python variables, references and mutability
SummaryThe analogy of putting things in a box that works for most languages to explain variables ...

Django: Move a template tag library into builtins
Django’s template engine has an underappreciated builtins option that selects libraries to preload ...

YouTube Video Recommendation Systems
Home Table of Contents YouTube Video Recommendation Systems ...

fishaudio / Bert-VITS2
vits2 backbone with bert

Mastering Integration Testing with FastAPI
Integration Testing FastAPI: Harnessing the Power of Mocking Backend Services with MongoMock, MockS3, and More.

BoTorch is a library for Bayesian Optimization research built on top of PyTorch.

ECTO-1A / AppleJuice
Apple BLE proximity pairing message spoofing

A tool that detects, extracts templates, and structures logs, via GPT-4.
A command-line tool that detects, extracts log templates, and structures logs to in-process database, leveraging template patterns generated by GPT-4.

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-10-08

OpenAccess-AI-Collective / axolotl
Go ahead and axolotl questions

Django things you want with HTMX
SummaryUse HTTP 303 for redirections.Setup django-htmx to see Django error response pages despite ...

⚙️ Projects

A tool for checking the security hardening options of the Linux kernel.

Octogen is an Open-Source Code Interpreter Powered by GPT3.5/4 and Codellama.

Reference implementation of Mistral AI 7B v0.1 model.

Generative Gaussian Splatting for Efficient 3D Content Creation.

Cloud Benchmarker automates performance testing of cloud instances, offering insightful charts and tracking over time.

cloudgrep is grep for cloud storage.

Declarative CLI argument parser.

👾 Reddits

I developed a script to control Spotify from anywhere with global hotkeys!

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