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Understanding Immortal Objects in Python 3.12: A Deep Dive into Python Internals
A detailed examination of Python 3.12's internal changes featuring the concept of 'immortal' objects, for performance enhancements

Shell-AI (shai) is a CLI utility that brings the power of natural language understanding to your command line. Simply input what you want to do in natural language, and shai will suggest single-line commands that achieve your intent.

SeamlessM4T is designed to provide high quality translation, allowing people from different linguistic communities to communicate effortlessly through speech and text.

Containerized PDF Summarizer with FastAPI and Hamilton
A quick guide to building a PDF Summarizer (using OpenAI) with Hamilton, FastAPI and Streamlit.

A high-level programming language for using computer vision.

📖 Articles

How not to sort in Python
SummarySometimes you want to sort, and sometimes you just want things to stay sorted. For the ...

Structuring your Infrastructure as Code
The author proposes a layered approach to IaC, with each layer representing a different aspect of your infrastructure. This approach makes it easy to isolate changes to different parts of your infrastructure, and to reuse code across different environments.

The 2,500 year old history of why Python’s all([]) returns True

Python Type Hints – *args and **kwargs (2021)

Composition over inheritance: The case for function-based views
The author shares some of his thoughts re. function- vs class-based views in Django.

How to Use Symbolic Python to Solve and Simulate Dynamical Systems

karpathy / llama2.c
Inference Llama 2 in one file of pure C

Error Handling: From Charles Babbage to Python 3.11
This talk introduces the new error handling features of Python 3.11, while placing them within their historical perspective.

Fixit 2: Meta’s next-generation auto-fixing linter
Fixit is dead! Long live Fixit 2 – the latest version of our open-source auto-fixing linter. Fixit 2 allows developers to efficiently build custom lint rules and perform auto-fixes for their codebases.

A Comprehensive Guide to Python Logging with Structlog
Structlog is an open-source logging tool for Python known for its simple API, performance, and quality of life features. This tutorial explores the essential aspects of Structlog.

hegelai / prompttools
Open-source tools for prompt testing and experimentation, with support for both LLMs (e.g. OpenAI, LLaMA) and vector databases (e.g. Chroma, Weaviate, LanceDB).

Collection of stand-alone Python machine learning recipes (2021)

Development with Large Language Models Tutorial – OpenAI, Langchain, Agents, Chroma
Throughout this course, you will complete hands-on projects will help you learn how to harness LLMs for your own projects. You will build projects with LLMs that will enable you to create dynamic interfaces, interact with vast amounts of text data, and even empower LLMs with the capability to browse the internet for research papers.

How to implement CommandBus in Python
CommandBus is a communication mechanism used to decouple the sender of a command from its handler or executor. It is a part of the Command Pattern and is commonly used in applications that follow the CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) pattern or other similar architectural styles. This article provides a comprehensive guide on implementing the CommandBus in Python

GPU-Accelerated, Deterministic ML Dev Environments with Docker and CUDA
A Better Way to Build Your AI Enhanced Project.

How CPython Implements Reference Counting: Dissecting CPython Internals

Understanding Automatic Differentiation in 30 lines of Python

Show HN: PlotAI – Create Plots in Python and Matplotlib with LLM

Python Hub Weekly Digest for 2023-08-27

Asyncio, twisted, tornado, gevent walk into a bar...
SummaryConcurrency has a lot to do with sharing one resource, and Python has dedicated tools to ...

⚙️ Projects

An open source multimedia framework to build and deploy computer perception apps in minutes without worrying about multimedia pipelines.

OpenAgent is a library of modular components and an orchestration framework. Inspired by a microservices approach, it gives developers all the components they need to build robust, stable & reliable AI applications and experimental autonomous agents.

Next generation face swapper and enhancer.

A framework for converting natural language text inputs to corresponding Pandas, MongoDB, Kusto and Neo4j (Cypher) queries.

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Python coming to excel

Build Apps in Python with Dara

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