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What's up in the Python community?

GitHub - csgoh/roadmapper: Roadmapper - A Roadmap as Code (Rac) python library. Generate professional roadmap diagram using python code.

Make your Python functions return something meaningful, typed, and safe

What are some good publicly available Python repositories to look at?

Compromising Garmin’s Sport Watches: A Deep Dive into GarminOS and its MonkeyC Virtual Machine
The article provides a detailed analysis of how Garmin's sports watches were compromised through their MonkeyC virtual machine, allowing attackers to execute arbitrary code and potentially access sensitive user information. The author describes the vulnerabilities and outlines steps that Garmin could take to improve the security of their products.

📖 Articles

Replacing my best friends with an LLM trained on 500,000 group chat messages
The author trained an uncensored large language model on the college-era group chat that he and his best friends still use, with LlaMa, Modal, and Hex.

Introducing 'Trusted Publishers'
The post introduces a new feature called Trusted Publishers for the Python Package Index (PyPI) which aims to improve the security of the package distribution process by allowing package maintainers to verify their identities. The author describes how the feature works and highlights its potential impact on the PyPI community.

Introducing Delphic —a Production Grade Starter App to use LLMs to Query Your Own Documents
The post introduces Delphic, a starter application for using low-latency model serving (LLMS) to query your own documents. It provides an overview of the features and benefits of Delphic, as well as instructions for getting started with the application.

PyTorch Performance Features and How They Interact
PyTorch has many performance features that can be tuned to improve the speed of your model. The best way to tune your model is to experiment with different settings and measure the results.

Solve Schrödinger Equation in Seconds with Python & GPU
The second episode of the Python GPU series explores the Schrodinger equation and how it can be optimized using GPU hardware.

Flask 2.3.0

Significant-Gravitas / Auto-GPT
An experimental open-source attempt to make GPT-4 fully autonomous.

voicepaw / so-vits-svc-fork
so-vits-svc fork with realtime support, improved interface and more features.

databrickslabs / dolly
Databricks’ Dolly, a large language model trained on the Databricks Machine Learning Platform

nomic-ai / gpt4all
gpt4all: an ecosystem of open-source chatbots trained on a massive collections of clean assistant data including code, stories and dialogue

logspace-ai / langflow
⛓️ LangFlow is a UI for LangChain, designed with react-flow to provide an effortless way to experiment and prototype flows.

OptimalScale / LMFlow
An Extensible Toolkit for Finetuning and Inference of Large Foundation Models. Large Model for All.

⚙️ Projects

Enhancing Vision-language Understanding with Advanced Large Language Models.

Text-Prompted Generative Audio Model.

A generative AI extension for JupyterLab.

Turn your natural language descriptions into fully functional, deployed AI-powered microservices with a single command! Your imagination is the limit!

Automatically activate and deactivate Python environments as you move around the file system.

PDF GPT allows you to chat with the contents of your PDF file by using GPT capabilities.

An Artificial Intelligence Automation Platform. AI Instruction management from various providers, has an adaptive memory, and a versatile plugin system with many commands including web browsing. Supports many AI providers and models and growing support every day.

A Python package for segmenting geospatial data with the Segment Anything Model (SAM).

Prometheus-based Kubernetes Resource Recommendations.

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