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What is a Coroutine in Python
Python coroutines are first-class concepts that can be used to develop asynchronous programs. In ...

Why I wrote a SQL engine in (only) Python

acheong08 / ChatGPT
Lightweight package for interacting with ChatGPT's API by OpenAI. Uses reverse engineered official API.

Concurrent Programming in Python
Concurrent programming refers to a type of programming focused on executing independent tasks at ...

How virtual environment libraries work in Python
Have you ever wondered what happens when you activate a virtual environment and how it works ...

๐Ÿ“– Articles

Numba: A High Performance Python Compiler

Understanding Python Types and Type Hints

Extending Python with Rust

taranjeet / chatgpt-api
This repo is unofficial ChatGPT api. It is based on Daniel Gross's WhatsApp GPT

Why I'm still using Python

apple / ml-stable-diffusion
Stable Diffusion with Core ML on Apple Silicon

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The hand-picked selection of the best Python libraries and tools of 2022

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