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MicroPython officially becomes part of the Arduino ecosystem

Microservice Architecture and System Design with Python & Kubernetes

Python Asyncio: The Complete Guide

Hstream – quick Python web apps (Streamlit alternative using htmx)

A game coded in Python on Steam !

📖 Articles

unittest’s new context methods in Python 3.11 (with backports)
Python 3.11 only made one change to unittest, but it’s a good one: context manager methods. These ...

Dagger Python SDK: Develop Your CI/CD Pipelines as Code

How To Filter Django QuerySets – 15 Examples For Beginners

Python Configuration: Top Built-In and Third-Party Libraries
Python programs can be configured in many different ways. Understand the code you need for the ...

pharmapsychotic / clip-interrogator

Inline caches in the Skybison Python runtime

How to Support A/B Testing in Your Python Code
This video takes a close look at A/B testing and feature flags. A/B tests are a great way to establish what your end user likes. If you just make those decisions based on what you think will work, you’re basically flying blind because you don’t know what the customer actually prefers.

Machine Learning Algorithms Cheat Sheet
A quick reference guide to 5 common algorithmsContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

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