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Python Charts
Learn data visualization with Python. You will find code examples of Python graphs made with matplotlib, seaborn, plotly and other packages.

PostgresML is 8-40x faster than Python HTTP microservices

Pyxel, a retro game engine for Python, reaches 300,000 downloads!

Call for questions for Guido van Rossum from Lex Fridman

htmx-Flask is an extension for Flask that adds support for htmx to your application. It simplifies using htmx with Flask by enhancing the global request object and providing a new make_response function.

📖 Articles

MinTOTP – Minimal TOTP generator in 20 lines of Python

Buffers on the Edge: Python and Rust

Understanding Hashing and Equality in Python with __hash__ and __eq__
Learn about how they work, how you should use them, and what you absolutely should not do.

How the Guardian approaches quote extraction with NLP
A case study of the Guardian's spaCy-Prodigy workflow to modularize quote extraction for content creation. This study includes iterative annotation guidelines and custom interface functionality.

Generating Chess Puzzles with Genetic Algorithms
We took a library used for function minimization, attached Stockfish to it, and used it to generate surprisingly complex mate in 3 chess puzzles without too much code.

How we use binary search to find compiler bugs
This post will talk about how we use binary search to isolate miscompiled functions, a technique that is applicable to any compiler if you have the right infrastructure.

Finding and analyzing free stock index data with Python and EDGAR
Historical stock index data can be hard to find for free, but when we use the SEC's EDGAR system and Python, we can extract it quite easily.

brycedrennan / imaginAIry
AI imagined images. Pythonic generation of stable diffusion images.

Sanster / lama-cleaner
Image inpainting tool powered by SOTA AI Model

Building an OCR service with Amazon Textract and AWS Lambda
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automates extracting text from visual assets such as PDFs and images. This tutorial teaches how to use Amazon Textract and AWS Lambda to build an OCR service.

Ebazhanov / linkedin-skill-assessments-quizzes
Full reference of LinkedIn answers 2022 for skill assessments (aws-lambda, rest-api, javascript, react, git, html, jquery, mongodb, java, Go, python, machine-learning, power-point) linkedin excel test lösungen, linkedin machine learning test LinkedIn test questions and answers

How to implement a “dry run mode” for data imports in Django
In data import processes it’s often useful to have a “dry run” mode, that runs through the process but doesn’t actually save the data. This can allow you to check for validity and gather statistics, such as how many records already exist in the database. In this post, we’ll look at how to implement a dry run mode in Django by using a database transaction and rolling it back.

A Deep Dive Into Date And Time In Python
You can easily get overwhelmed when working with date and time data. There are numerous date and time formats, ISO standards, time zones, and daylight-saving settings. In today’s video, I am taking a deep dive into Python’s built-in datetime package and the available alternatives that can help you quickly deal with this type of data.

Musings on Python Type Hints
Since starting a new job earlier this year, I've spent a good amount of time learning how to leverage type hints to help write readable, maintainable code. Let's take a look at some patterns that arise in Python where type hinting can get a little bit tricky.

How to Build a Knowledge Base Platform Using Redis
Building multi-model applications with Redis Stack is surprisingly straightforward! Follow along with a tutorial that shows how to build a knowledge base in Python that incorporates powerful search features.

Create Presentation from Jupyter Notebook
Presentation is a great way to share your results and findings with a non-technical audience. The data-rich presentation with charts, tables, and code may be tedious to create. The good news is that you can create a presentation directly from Jupyter Notebook!

⚙️ Projects

A Python package to make publication-ready but customizable coefficient plots.

Load SQLite3 databases into PostgresSQL.

Python-based research interface for blackbox and hyperparameter optimization, based on Google's internal Vizier Service.

A Deep Learning framework created from scratch with Python and NumPy.

👾 Reddits

Python is the Top 6th Highest Paid Programming Language in 2022, with an AVG salary of ~$114k per year.

I created a script that allows you to store any file (encrypted or not) in an image using steganography

Honest question: Why must "self" always be passed in as parameter, why wasn't it made a built-in?

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