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Automate Graphic Design using Python
Use Python Pillow to automate the creation of hundred warehouse labels for the signage of picking ...

SQLAlchemy Tutorial With Examples
Learn to access and run SQL queries on all types of relational databases using Python objects.

How I start every new Python backend API project
How to setup everything and focus only on the implementation of our lovely business logic

Carefully exploring Rust as a Python developer
Trying out the Rust programming ecosystem as a 10+ years Python developer. How to do common programming tasks and how the tooling looks like.

12 Beginner Concepts About Type Hints To Improve Your Python Code

📖 Articles

Using LaTeX In Python
Python has great support for LaTeX -- in Jupyter, in symbolic math tools, and in third party ...

ipython / ipython
Official repository for IPython itself. Other repos in the IPython organization contain things like the website, documentation builds, etc.

Django security releases issued: 4.1.2, 4.0.8, and 3.2.16

Building a Checkers Gaming Agent Using Deep Q-Learning
In this article, we demonstrate how to implement a version of a reinforcement learning technique Deep Q-Learning to create an AI agent capable of playing Checkers at a decent level.

Making Music From Images With Python
The memes are alive with the sound of music.

Decision Trees in Python: Predicting Diabetes
In this post, we’ll be learning about decision trees, how they work and what the benefits are for using them. We’ll also use this algorithm in a real-world data to predict diabetes.

Find slow data processing tasks (before your customers do)
Here are some of the ways you can discover your data processing jobs are too slow: Jobs ...

Didact AI
The anatomy of an ML-powered stock picking engine

sczhou / CodeFormer
[NeurIPS 2022] Towards Robust Blind Face Restoration with Codebook Lookup Transformer

Learn Python by Thinking in Types
Learn Python by thinking in types. The beginner's course focuses on basic programming concepts rather than just teaching the language syntax. It's always helpful to learn from many different perspectives and this course may be just what you need to understand Python.

A Complete Guide to Logging in Python with Loguru
This guide will describe the library and its features in detail, and give you an idea of how to integrate it into a typical web application setup. It will also provide some pointers on how to seamlessly migrate from the standard logging module to Loguru.

⚙️ Projects

This repository contains examples and best practices for building explainable AI systems, provided as Jupyter notebooks.

Collect a dossier on a person by username from thousands of sites

Generate cities from real life in Minecraft using Python.

Implementation of Make-A-Video, new SOTA text to video generator from Meta AI, in Pytorch.

Coding for Economists
The book aims to give you the skills you need to code for economics, while also giving you bits and pieces of information about programming more generally that might be useful to you.

A PostgresQL server running in your browser.

Exploratory Video Analytics System.

Red Box is an advanced email box reader library. It is a sister library for Red Mail, advanced email sender. It makes managing your email box in Python very easy.

Drive a browser with GPT-3.

AITemplate is a Python framework which renders neural network into high performance CUDA/HIP C++ code. Specialized for FP16 TensorCore (NVIDIA GPU) and MatrixCore (AMD GPU) inference.

ctc is a tool for collecting and analyzing historical data of Ethereum and other EVM chains.

Control your Windows computer using Telegram
If you work in an office, you are probably told to always lock your computer before you go AFK as a measure of security. In my case, my colleagues will not hesitate to prank whoever forgets his screen unlocked as a punishment. I am a very caring person, so things like these should not happen to me. I must find a way to lock my screen from a distance and preferably via my smartphone.

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