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Yes, Python Has a Built-In Database. Here’s How to Use It.
A simple guide to SQLite in Python.Continue reading on Towards Data Science ...

Python 3.14 will be faster than C++
Benchmarking the new and impressive Python 3.11Continue reading on Towards Data Science ...

Daft is a fast, ergonomic and scalable open-source dataframe library: built for Python and Complex Data/Machine Learning workloads.

Using Asyncio and Batch APIs for Remote Services
Call batch APIs using Python's asyncio. Process multiple requests with a single call for better performance. Async Python functions in Excel can benefit from using batch APIs.

A Python library to utilize AWS API Gateway's large IP pool as a proxy to generate pseudo-infinite IPs for web scraping and brute forcing.

📖 Articles

Join a list with a bitwise or operator in Python
Use `functools.reduce(operators.or_, my_list)` to join `my_list` with a bitwise ...

Invasive procedures: Python affordances for performance measurement
When your Python code is too slow, you need to identify the bottleneck that’s causing it: ...

How to Build an Audio Intelligence Dashboard with Gradio
Gradio allows you to easily create shareable apps using only Python. Learn how to build a dashboard for Audio Intelligence Analysis in this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Pgsqlite: a pure Python module to import SQLite databases into Postgres

sd-webui / stable-diffusion-webui
Stable Diffusion web UI

Matplotlib 3.6.0

Show HN: OpenZiti Python SDK

Virtual Ants
Artificial life and Langton's ...

Deploying Python web apps as AWS Lambda functions
AWS Lambda can host functions written in Python. These are "scale to zero" - my favorite definition of serverless! - which means you only pay for the traffic that they serve. A project with no traffic costs nothing to run. Here's how to deploy a Python web application as a Lambda function.

Infrastructure-as-Code: Easy Cloud Deployment In Python
Depending on the technology and type of cloud product you choose, cloud deployment can be intimidating, but it's often not that complex. This video walks you through a couple of fairly simple methods for deploying an application, that don't call for a deep understanding of DevOps and are quick and easy to implement.

What is Python's "self" Argument, Anyway?
Every Python developer is familiar with the self argument, which is present in every* method declaration of every class. We all know how to use it, but do you really know what it is, why it's there and how it works under the hood?

Image segmentation
In this article, we will define image segmentation, discover the right metrics to use in these tasks, build an end-to-end pipeline that can be used as a template for handling image segmentation problems, and talk about some useful applications of it.

⚙️ Projects

A Python package manager written in Rust inspired by Cargo.

A data manipulation library for ML and visualization. It is fully interoperable with pandas, compatible with scikit-learn, and works great with matplotlib!

Pandas 1.5.0
This release includes some new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.
C-style increment and decrement operators for python.

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