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đź’– Most Popular

Multiprocessing Pool in Python
This guide provides a detailed and comprehensive review of the multiprocessing.Pool in Python, including how it works, how to use it, common questions, and best practices.

Run Python code from Tweets.

An interactive Pandas Cheat sheet using PyScript.

Python String Methods to Know
Python's strings have dozens of methods, but some are much more useful than others. Let's discuss the dozen-ish must-know string methods and why the other methods aren't so essential.

I made a remote lie detector to test Zuckerberg's pulse

đź“– Articles

uber / causalml
Uplift modeling and causal inference with machine learning algorithms

Show HN: AutoML Python Package for Tabular Data with Automatic Documentation

Using Python to vectorize artwork for PCBs

Show HN: WakaQ - a Python distributed task queue

Python Type Hints Are Turing Complete

Building modern Python API backends in 2022
This guide comes from experience building api backends for a variety of startups in different industries, it serves as a starting point for what the state of “best practise” is for how we think about organising Python projects, structuring code, testing, and common libraries we’ve reused across projects.

Someone’s Been Messing With My Subnormals!
After noticing an annoying warning, I went on an absurd yak shave, and discovered that because of a tiny handful of Python packages built with an appealing-sounding but dangerous compiler option, more than 2,500 Python packages—some with more than a million downloads per month—could end up causing any program that uses them to compute incorrect numerical results.

Using a Raspberry Pi as a Bluetooth speaker with PipeWire
Do you have an old pair of PC speakers, or an old Hi-Fi, that you would like to convert into a pair of Bluetooth® speakers to play music from your phone? A Raspberry Pi can be easily used as an audio bridge between a Bluetooth® device and an analog speaker system, to make this possible. In this quick guide, I will show you how to set up the software on a Pi, using PipeWire, to achieve this.

⚙️ Projects

PyNLP Lib is an open source Python NLP library that provides functionality for both web and local development.

Create videos with Stable Diffusion by exploring the latent space and morphing between text prompts.

Natural language Pandas queries and data generation powered by GPT-3

Distributed background task queue for Python backed by Redis, a super minimal Celery.

Sharing patterns I use with Django and htmx.

The RF and reverse engineering framework for everyone

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