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Build Real-World AWS Microservices with Python and FastAPI From Zero
This video will show you how to start from the absolute beginning of DevOps and build a real-world AWS microservice with Python and FastAPI.

Flet enables developers to easily build realtime web, mobile and desktop apps in Python. No frontend experience required.

Python F-Strings Number Formatting Cheat Sheet

Data Visualization in Python
Learn how to create awesome data visualizations using the most popular Python libraries, such as matplotlib, seaborn and plotly.

Getting Started With Dash: Easy Data Visualization In Python
A very common thing you want to do in Python is visualize your data in a dashboard. This video shows you how to set up data visualization using Plotly Dash in Python in a few easy steps.

📖 Articles

adw0rd / instagrapi
🔥 The fastest and powerful Python library for Instagram Private API 2022

Finding performance problems: profiling or logging?
What’s the difference between trace-based logging and profiling? Which should you use—do you need only one, or both? What’s the fastest way to find performance problems in production?

A Python-compatible statically typed language erg-lang/erg

An astronomer's introduction to NumPyro

The Definitive Guide To Sitemaps With Python
This article describes general idea and how to implement your sitemaps with python.

SciPy 2022 Video

Please do not use Python for tooling

How To Keep Track Of Packages For Your Django Project With Pip-Tools
You don't have to rely on pip freeze to manage your project requirements.

PySearch is a completely free search engine for querying python libraries using natural language descriptions of the properties of the functions you are looking for. The goal is to help you find the function you are looking for when you know what library its in, but not what its name is.

⚙️ Projects

A library for working with Cellular Automata, for Python.

Rapid Prototyping Using Terraform, GitHub Action, Docker and Streamlit in GCP

Extract files from any kind of container formats.

Belay is a python library that enables the rapid development of projects that interact with hardware via a micropython-compatible board.

A Cross-platform High-performance & Flexible Video Frames Decoder in Python.

A tool for visualizing and tracking your machine learning experiments.

Neural Human Radiance Field from a Single Video.

A Python-level JIT compiler designed to make unmodified PyTorch programs faster.

👾 Reddits

Add background music to your scripts

Big respect to 90’s programmers and before. I can’t imagine how horrible today’s programmers would be without the Internet? 2.0.0 - bringing the hell of pointers to python

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