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An optimized logging library for Python.

How I made a dataclass remover
My journey creating a dataclass converter by using abstract syntax trees, match-case, the dedent utility and more. You may learn something new along the way.

Python is the 2nd most demanded programming language in 2022

neetcode-gh / leetcode
Leetcode solutions

min(DALL·E) is a fast, minimal implementation of DALL·E Mega in PyTorch.

📖 Articles

Logging millions of requests reliably with our new data ingestion pipeline
An architectural overview of HackerEarth's request logging pipeline

How to Patch Requests to Have a Default Timeout
Python’s requests package is very popular. Even if you don’t use it directly, it’s highly likely ...

How to Make Django Raise an Error for Missing Template Variables
It’s all too easy to forget to pass a variable to your template, or make a typo in a variable ...

NVlabs / eg3d

Faster Django Queries With Materialized Views
Materialized views can be very useful for creating reports that will be used repeatedly. They cut down on query times because the query has already been made, and the view has been written to the disk. In this video, Nafiul Islam demonstrates how to create materialized views, explains the benefits of using them, and shows how to integrate them into Django ORM.

Faster routing for Flask & Quart
Flask and Quart both utilize Werkzeug's HTTP router to route request paths to the relevant function. With the upcoming 2.2 release of Werkzeug this router will be significantly faster, with up to a factor of 5 seen in testing. This speedup increases with the size of the routing table and so you are likely to see further increases in your production applications.

⚙️ Projects

Modern scheduling library for Python.

SearXNG is a free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from various search services and databases. Users are neither tracked nor profiled.

A Python visual Flow Based Programming library that integrates into your existing workflow.

Using YouTube as a free file hosting service.

Monitor network traffic per executable using BPF.

A fast local neural text to speech engine for Mycroft

An automatic differentiation library for generalized meta-learning and multilevel optimization.

Constraint-based Causal Structure Learning on GPUs.

👾 Reddits

A quick and dirty script to help me focus on my work

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