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How to write better scientific code in Python?

Automatic Musical Composition with Python

pytest-dev / pytest
The pytest framework makes it easy to write small tests, yet scales to support complex functional testing

Working with Credentials and Configurations in Python
When writing programs, there is often a large set of configuration and credentials that should ...

3 Data Science Projects You Can Do Using Python APIs
Use Python APIs to start a data science project in no timeContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

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Image Super Resolution
In this tutorial, you will learn to use image super resolution. This lesson is part of ...

Faster Python calculations with Numba: 2 lines of code, 13× speed-up

PDFs in Django like it’s 2022!
In a previous article I had written a very comprehensive guide on how to render PDFs in Django ...

What Is NetCDF Data and Why Is It Interesting?
A simple introduction to NetCDF data format — how to read and manipulate it using Python libraries ...

Learning (not) to Handle Exceptions
When you develop code, it is almost impossible not to run into an error. Some problems are going to ...

Public key cryptography: RSA keys
I bet you created at least once an RSA key pair, usually because you needed to connect to GitHub ...

Push-ups with Python, mediapipe and OpenCV

A Better Pygame Mainloop
I’ve written about this before, but in that context I was writing mainly about frame-rate ...

Deploy a Python API on Vercel using Postgres
FastAPI, Vercel, Arctype, and Postgres form a potent stack of software technologies. This article will show you how to build a simple task manager that takes advantage of these modern tools.

Mailu / Mailu
Insular email distribution - mail server as Docker images

Upcoming Python Features Brought to You by Python Enhancement Proposals

Indexing on Partitioned Data
In this essay, we will take a detailed look into how we could index the partitioned data, allowing ...

3 percent of Python codebases we checked had silently failing unit tests

Easily handle CLI operation via Python instead of regular Bash programs

End-to-end Pytorch model in five minutes
Standardising dataloaders, model, training and validation — so you don’t have toPhoto by Ocean Ng ...

Your First NLP Tutorial in Python - Spam Classifier
In this video, we implement an email spam classifier using NLTK (natural language processing toolkit) in Python. We use the bag of words (BOW) approach to building the model, after performing tokenizing, lemmatization / stemming, and removing stop words. You'll learn a ton about NLP in just 20 minutes!

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The framework which helps you create reactive microservices in Python.

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PEP 673 -- Self Type (Accepted)

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