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API Authentication with Tokens
This article shows you a few common patterns for client authentication based on tokens, and how they can be implemented in a Python API back end.

Create a Neural Network from Scratch in Python 3
Neural networks are a foundational concept to machine learning. In this post we’re going to build a fully connected deep neural net (DNN) from scratch in Python 3.

How to write and deploy a monitoring and notification service within minutes. For free.
Did you ever wish for a service that repeatedly checks and pings you once it observes a specified event? — Learn how to build and deploy it.

PyTorch Lightning for Dummies - A Tutorial and Overview
The ultimate PyTorch Lightning tutorial. Learn how it compares with vanilla PyTorch, and how to build and train models with PyTorch Lightning.

open-mmlab / mmtracking
OpenMMLab Video Perception Toolbox. It supports Video Object Detection (VID), Multiple Object Tracking (MOT), Single Object Tracking (SOT), Video Instance Segmentation (VIS) with a unified framework.

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The future of Python build systems and Gentoo

A Tour of Python's itertools Library
In this tutorial you will take an extensive tour of Python's itertools modules and learn all about how to use iterators in the process.

Billiard Balls and the Boltzmann Distribution in Python

TachibanaYoshino / AnimeGANv2
[Open Source]. The improved version of AnimeGAN. Landscape photos/videos to anime

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What are some cool APIs

Is Python really 'too slow'?

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