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Introduction to Asynchronous Programming in Python
A guide to writing more responsive and performant programsContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

A Simple Way to Get a Stock’s Fundamental Data
How I used Python and API calls to retrieve a company’s financial statements and earnings ...

An Intel 8080 Assembly Suite in Python
A pretty cool post where the author describes how he created Suite8080, a suite of Intel 8080 Assembly cross-development tools written in Python.

A Multi-page Interactive Dashboard with Streamlit and Plotly
Beautiful interactive multipage dashboards are made easy with StreamlitContinue reading on Towards ...

Intro To SQLAlchemy

📖 Articles

Async Python is not faster

Coconut-Simple, elegant, Pythonic functional programming

Automatically OCR’ing Receipts and Scans
In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Tesseract and OpenCV to build an automatic receipt ...

Python pathlib Cookbook: 57+ Examples to Master It (2021)
A mega tutorial with dozens of examples on how to use the pathlib module in Python 3.

Building a board game app with TensorFlow
In this end-to-end tutorial, we are going to show you how to use TensorFlow core, TensorFlow Agents and TensorFlow Lite to build a game agent to play against a human user in a small board game app.

How to flatten a list in Python

What you need to know about containers for Python

Build “Factory” and “Utility” In Your Python Classes
Three built-in Python class decoratorsContinue reading on Towards Data Science ...

An Introduction To Decision Trees and Predictive Analytics
How can you ensure that a product launch will be successful? Decision trees are a great ...

From Cloud Run To Kubernetes: Why Internals Matter
It’s common for those of us in the tech space to be drawn in by cool buzzwords and shiny new logos. In this post you’ll learn why internals matter more than those buzzwords.

How I Built Burplist For Free
This post talks about engineering decisions and thought processes of creating Burplist, a fast and simple search engine for craft beers in Singapore.

Guide of CPython’s Parser

Fake (almost) everything with Faker
Photo by dasha shchukova on UnsplashI was recently tasked with creating some random customer data, ...

Building a python CLI tool to extract the TOC from markdown files
Building a Python CLI Tool to Extract the TOC from Markdown FilesLearning by automating the boring ...

Draw Me a Picture — The Humble Line Plot
Draw Me a Picture — The Humble Line PlotA quick introduction to building up informative and ...

How to Build a WhatsApp Chatbot Using Python and Twilio
This tutorial will show you how to create a WhatsApp chatbot that can help you set reminders using the Twilio API for WhatsApp for communication, Python for development, Google Sheets as database and Heroku for deployment.

Add a WebSocket Route to your Flask 2.x Application
If you are using Flask 2 you now have a new extension called Flask-Sock, which provides modern WebSocket support for your application. In this article I'm going to show you how to work with this extension.

⚙️ Projects

A tool for creating credentials for accessing S3 buckets.

A suite of benchmarks for CPU and GPU performance of the most popular high-performance libraries for Python.

Django-based Crypto Portfolio Tracker.

PyTorch Library for Fast and Easy Distributed Graph Learning.

PatrickStar enables Larger, Faster, Greener Pretrained Models for NLP. Democratize AI for everyone.

👾 Reddits

Bypassing reCaptcha using 2Captcha in Python

A simple brute force tool for WiFi (Linux Only)

I automated my GitHub profile so it shows a map with the largest earthquakes in the past 24 hours using Plotly and GitHub Actions

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